Dedicated timeclocks are purpose-built, business-essential devices that are unmatched in their timekeeping performance.

So why do many businesses try to avoid dedicated timeclocks with options like mobile timekeeping and web clocking?

There are clear advantages for your business that can only be obtained with dedicated hardware. When it comes to real business, cutting corners just won’t cut it.

See the Advantages of Using a Dedicated Timeclock for Your Business

Solid-State Stability and Ease of Use with Purpose-Built Machines

Acumen GT650 touchscreen biometric dedicated timeclock

The Acumen GT650 touchscreen biometric timeclock offers two reliable authentication options: a high definition facial recognition camera and a reliable fingerprint scanner.

Modern timeclocks, and particularly those provided by Acumen, are truly purpose-built machines. They exist to serve a clear purpose and perform that job day in and day out, for years on end, without fail.

A digital timeclock such Acumen’s GT650 is built to mix all of the conveniences and cutting-edge features a new timeclock should offer without losing the rugged reliability and longevity that is expected of a dedicated timeclock.

On a clock like this, there are no moving parts (no spinning hard drives or mechanical pieces that might malfunction with use over time) because we use the highest quality components to ensure unmatched longevity.

Equipped with touchscreen interfaces, reliable software ensures that our timeclocks are always easy to read, providing the greatest functionality and fastest feature customization. Systems like these are also quick and easy for employees to learn to use, making clocking in and out, checking hours, and seeing benefits easy without sacrificing reliability.

Cleverly designed and highly featured timeclocks provide unmatched usability and the longest use-case.

In our decades of experience, we have seen timekeeping systems work after years and years of constant use. Our customers can tell by the make and quality of our timeclocks that Acumen products are built to last.

Your employees can trust in the durable quality and superior usability of Acumen’s timeclocks.

Reliability and Redundancy with Integrated Systems

Keeping track of employee hours and labor is a mission-critical function for any business. We live in the era of smarter technology.

Long gone are the days of inaccurate paper time cards and simple standalone clocking terminals. Keeping track of employee’s labor and hours has never been more accurate or reliable.

Digital timeclocks connect directly do your timekeeping software, so you can see employee activity in real time without having to leave your office. And modern timekeeping devices make it easier than ever for employees to track their hours, breaks, and benefits all from the same device they clock in on.

This connection also means that employee timekeeping data can be backed up immediately, preventing any potential loss of records.

If a timeclock gets disconnected from your network, there’s no need to worry. Without connection to their servers, timeclocks will save every employee’s punches locally until connection can be restored.

This means that even if the whole town is experiencing internet issues, your employees will still be able to clock in and out without a problem.

That’s the sort of redundancy and resiliency that you just won’t get from other devices.

For something as important as employee timekeeping, why would you take chances with anything but a dedicated machine?

Superior Security with Biometric Authentication and Access Control

When it comes to security, there’s no match for a high quality timeclock. These devices allow for the best security features for your company, including facility access control integration and reliable biometric employee authentication.

Access control integration is commonly utilized to provide an extra layer of security to your business locations. Whether you’re using these systems to secure an entire facility, or just to restrict access to high security areas to authorized personnel, advanced terminal systems are the best way for your employees to interact with your automated access control system.

The same features that make these timeclocks desirable for timekeeping make them equally suited for access control:

Ease of Use, Reliability, and Security.

Similarly, biometric authentication provides the highest security and ensures the greatest accuracy for both timekeeping and access control applications.

Modern timeclocks offer a range of biometric options for clocking in employees quickly and accurately, such as fingerprint or palmprint scanning, iris mapping, and even facial recognition. These features can completely eliminate fraudulent clocking such as buddy-punching (the practice of employees clocking each-other in) because they require the clocking employee to authenticate their identity.

Biometric timeclocks can operate even faster than traditional PIN or swipe-card timeclocks with the right configuration, requiring a single finger scan or button press to clock an employee in or out.

Nothing beats the safety and security provided by dedicated timekeeping hardware.

Don’t Take Risks Cutting Corners: Get the Timeclock You Deserve Today

Why take the chance of counting on a point-of-sale computer or a phone to do the job of a timeclock?

It’s a vitally necessary aspect of any business, and cutting corners only exposes you and your employees to liability and risk.

Real business calls for real hardware. For better security, greater reliability, and a machine that was built to last, contact Acumen today.

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We believe that technology is just one quarter of the workforce management pie. Employees, policy, and the environment are just as important. 

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