Aerospace & Transportation Solutions

Aerospace and transportation companies face unique business requirements such as manufacturing automation and a partially mobile workforce. Acumen’s solutions offer the Airplaneflexibility and features you need to manage your workforce and automate your business and manufacturing processes.

Several of Acumen’s aerospace and transportation clients came to us because we offered solutions and had capabilities that were unmatched in the industry. With Acumen constantly expanding the functionality of its software and the scope of service offerings, your specific requirements are sure to be met or exceeded.

Time & Attendance

Whether your employees are facility-based or mobile, Acumen’s employee time and attendance systems and software will help you manage your workforce, automate processes, and save money. Our systems eliminate errors, create efficiencies via automation, eliminate employee overpayment, and reduce data entry redundancy. Learn more about Acumen’s employee time and attendance software and employee time clock systems.

Employee Scheduling

Many aerospace and transportation companies have multiple shifts, locations, and employees with different skill-sets. Quickly and easily manage your employee scheduling process – or even automate it outright – by using Acumen’s employee scheduling software. Our robust employee scheduling software allows drag-and-drop schedule movement for the most intuitive employee scheduling imaginable. Learn more about Acumen’s employee scheduling software today.

HR Management & Employee Self-Service Software

To ease the burden on your HR management, use Acumen’s HR management and employee self-service software to help manage your workforce. Create rules and manage benefits, skills, accidents, certifications, time off requests, employee evaluations, and more. With Acumen’s powerful HR management and employee self-service software, you are able to determine exactly what information employees can view and edit. Learn more about Acumen’s HR management and employee self-service software today.

Facility Door Access Control Systems & Software

Whether you’re an aerospace company or a transportation company, Acumen’s facility access control systems are the best way to control access and secure your facility. Learn more about Acumen’s facility access control systems and software.

Shop Floor Data Collection & Automation Software / Job Costing Software

If your company is involved in manufacturing, Acumen’s shop floor data collection software can help automate processes, control costs, and improve workflow. Easily manage jobs and order schedules to control inventory and automate routing with barcode travelers. Learn more about Acumen’s shop floor data collection and job costing software.

Learn How You Can Save

One of our customers was renting its employee time clocks from one of the largest payroll providers, but switched to Acumen when they realized how much they could save each year by buying their employee time clocks outright from Acumen instead of renting. Not surprisingly, they achieved a positive return on investment within a few months. Contact us to start saving today.