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Are Time Clocks Right for Access Control?

Some businesses are using their time clocks in place of dedicated access control devices. Is it worth it? In this article, we'll explore some of the functions of access control, the faults in relying on one device for multiple functions, and Acumen's unique solution for integrating time management with access control.

The GT650 Face Recognition Time Clock

There is a new front-runner for the fastest, most customizable, and most feature complete time clock system on the market: Acumen's GT650 face recognition time clock. This time clock utilizes the Android operating system to provide unprecedented support for business and organizational applications.

The Best Employee Management with Geofencing in ClockVIEW Mobile

ClockVIEW Mobile allows the use of geofencing for your employees to accurately see where they are in real time. Our mobile time & attendance solution can be easily configured to only accept employee punches from company approved locations.

Employee Time Clock Buying Guide

Employee Time Clock Buying Guide Selecting and buying a time clock involves very different processes for different companies. But for such niche products, the selection process can be tough without a guide. Fortunately, that’s exactly what this article provides: a complete time clock buying guide.  Time clock selection can be relatively easy when the desired system

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Safe Solutions: Non-Contact RFID & Facial Recognition Time Clocks

With social distancing and the increasing use of face masks and gloves, many have questions about the effectiveness and safety of biometric timekeeping systems. Today we'll be taking a look at biometric and non-contact time clocks to see how they can keep employees safe.

SMB Time & Attendance

SMB Employee Time & Attendance Software For most SMBs, the best employee time and attendance system is one that achieves a balance of functionality and cost. Get Acumen's employee time and attendance software, and get the best functionality, the best reporting, and the best-priced system. Small to medium-sized businesses' needs vary greatly from company to company,

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