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Feature Spotlight: Reports, Dashboards, & Analytics in ClockVIEW

Fully Customizable Reports and Real-Time Analytics Our ClockVIEW time clock software has some of the most robust time reporting functions in the industry, with over 60 standard reports and the ability to customize any report to meet your needs, the possibilities are endless. In this article, we'll be taking a closer look at all of the

Ultimate Time & Attendance Guide: Part 3: Features and Functions

Purchase Criteria and Software Functionality Undoubtedly, the project to update or roll-out an employee time and attendance system stemmed from some pain or inefficiency your company is facing. Everybody has different needs, unique pains, and specific features that are considered essential. The problem is that every time and attendance application is different- and many aren’t going

Ultimate Time & Attendance Guide: Part 2: System & Vendor Options

Choosing the Right Vendor for Your Business As we dive deeper into your options for time and attendance systems, it's important to consider how interconnected your timekeeping system will be with hardware such as terminals and timeclocks and software such as schedule managing programs, ERP systems, and job tracking tools. In addition, considering the differences between

Ultimate Time & Attendance Guide: Part 1: It’s Time to Upgrade

It's Time to Upgrade your Timekeeping Software Solution Let’s face it: buying new time and attendance software and associated hardware is an investment in your company’s future. It’s something you don’t do on a large scale very often. In fact, the time and attendance system you buy today will likely be used for more than a

The Three Best Uses for Mobile Employee Timekeeping

Traditional timekeeping methods that use dedicated hardware are efficient and proven by time, but there are situations where mobile employee time tracking is provably superior. Learn more about mobile timekeeping and it's best applications with Acumen. Mobile Timekeeping with Acumen's ClockVIEW Mobile App While specialized timeclocks still offer the most durable and secure solution for most

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Perfect Employee Time Tracking Software for the Service Industry

Flexible Employee Time Tracking Software for the Service Industry When you're looking for an all-in-one solution for employee time tracking software, you're looking for ClockVIEW. No other time tracking software on the market is more adaptable to your unique business needs and demands. Acumen offers the most robust employee time and attendance software available with a

The Advantages of Purpose-Built Timeclock Hardware

Dedicated timeclocks are purpose-built, business-essential devices that are unmatched in their timekeeping performance. So why do many businesses try to avoid dedicated timeclocks with options like mobile timekeeping and web clocking? There are clear advantages for your business that can only be obtained with dedicated hardware. When it comes to real business, cutting corners just won't

Are You Looking for the Best Web Based Time Clock?

The Best Web Time Clock for Your Business: Acumen's WebCLOCK is the Answer Are you looking for the best fully featured online time clock? You will find everything you need and more with highly customizable WebCLOCK interface. Featuring flawless time and attendance tracking with task tracking features, employee self-service options, and benefit management, WebCLOCK makes employee

Virtual Timeclock Software: No Hardware No Problem

Virtual Timeclock Solutions Virtual timeclock software provides the most universal solution for employee time tracking. With Acumen's virtual timeclock applications, there's no need for expensive timeclocks. Here, we'll explore the ways that the best timeclock software can benefit your business. Is Timeclock Hardware the Right Investment for Your Business? Many businesses benefit from the advanced features

Custom Feature Implementation to Solve Unique Business Challenges

While other time and attendance service providers might offer simple customization options (if they offer any software customization at all), Acumen specializes in developing unique software solutions to business challenges.