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The Advantages of Biometric Employee Time & Attendance

The Advantages of Biometric Employee Time and Attendance Systems Preventing Employee Time Theft Biometric systems work by recognizing an individual’s unique physiological traits. There are many advantages to using biometric technology for employee time management, and biometric time clocks are becoming increasingly popular because of their improved security. Particularly, because biometric systems read a person’s unique fingerprint,

Staying Hospitable While Managing Employee Schedules

Time Keeping and Employee Scheduling Solutions for the Hospitality Industry Whether you represent a single motel or a chain of large hotels, you will achieve significant savings with Acumen's workforce management software and systems. With the ability to manage and report on all employee information, Acumen's workforce management solutions help you automate many processes, create efficiencies,

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Food Service Solutions

Food Service Time Clock Solutions It's important for food service and quick serve businesses to track employee time and attendance accurately since many employees are paid hourly. Whether you need to track union versus non-union workers or need easy integration with payroll, ERP, or food production systems, Acumen's time clock, scheduling and workforce management software will

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Aerospace & Transportation

Aerospace & Transportation Solutions Aerospace and transportation companies face unique business requirements such as manufacturing automation and a partially mobile workforce. Acumen's solutions offer the Airplaneflexibility and features you need to manage your workforce and automate your business and manufacturing processes. Several of Acumen's aerospace and transportation clients came to us because we offered solutions

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Manufacturing Automation

Manufacturing Industry Solutions With many employees paid hourly, manufacturing companies are losing thousands of dollars each year to inefficiencies if they are not using an automated employee time and attendance system. Automate your workforce management processes and start saving today. Acumen's reliable business automation solutions are ideal for manufacturing, providing complete shop floor automation solutions. Control

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CASE STUDY: Integrated Scheduling and Time & Attendance

Premier Human Services, Inc. Case Study Premier Human Services, Inc. is a multi-service organization that provides residential services, independent living supports, and guardianship services for people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities. These program models provide a continuum of services and accommodate a wide range of support needs including services designed to support people who may

Banks, Credit Unions, & Financial Institutions

Financial Industry Timekeeping Solutions Time and Attendance Solutions for Financial InstitutionsOftentimes, banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions have employees that work in more than one branch and work different shifts. With Acumen's workforce management software, you can easily manage your unique needs and even set rules for when an employee is performing one role versus

Time & Attendance for Educational Institutions

Educational Institution Solutions Employee management for educational institutions can be complex - tracking and reporting on union and non-union workers, managing multiple facilities, paying substitute teachers, and ensuring compliance with regulations can be a difficult task. Luckily, Acumen's workforce management solutions make the process easy by automating processes and synchronizing employee information with payroll systems.

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Time Tracking and Scheduling for Healthcare

Healthcare Industry Timekeeping and Scheduling Solutions Do you represent a small doctor's office or a large hospital with multiple facilities?  Acumen's timekeeping and attendance plus employee scheduling software withs with a variety of time clock systems.   We will enable you, making it  easy to manage your workforce, automate business processes, and save money at the same

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Mobile Workforce Solutions

Mobile Workforce Solutions Acumen's workforce management solutions are ideal for mobile workforces. Our portable data collection devices, such as PDAs or tablet computers, and interactive voice response (IVR) systems are ideal for road warriors. If you need to track vehicle usage, Acumen even provides solutions enabling employees to clock-into a vehicle. Several of Acumen's mobile

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