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Businesses with Union Members

Complex Pay Rules? Union Pay Rules? Get Acumen  At Acumen, we love complicated pay rules. Our time and attendance software manages even the most complex pay rules and union requirements, automating processes and eliminating errors. Over years of contract negotiations - sometimes with multiple unions - many organizations encounter the management burden of a seemingly endless

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Enterprise Time & Attendance

Enterprise Employee Time & Attendance Software Acumen provides the best time and attendance systems for enterprises around the world. Our employee time and attendance software can scale to accommodate unlimited employees and locations. With Acumen's employee time and attendance software, your enterprise is guaranteed the best features, the best reporting, and the best value. Acumen's employee

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Small Business Time & Attendance

Small Business Employee Time & Attendance Software When it comes to employee time and attendance for the small business, Acumen is the best choice. With Acumen's employee time and attendance software, small businesses enjoy the best features, the best reporting, and the best price. Employee time and attendance systems are critical for small businesses. Small business

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Staffing Agencies

Solutions for Staffing Agencies In order to keep track of both your internal employees' and your talent pool's time, workforce management and business automation software is critical for any staffing agency. With Acumen's services, you'll enjoy a positive return on investment within a few short months thanks to automation, efficiencies, and elimination of overpayment. Control employee

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Employee Time and Scheduling Software for Retail

Solutions for Retail As an industry with many hourly employees, retail businesses are losing money every day without an automated employee time and attendance system. Acumen's workforce management software and systems help you automate business processes, introduce efficiencies, and save money. Control employee labor costs, overtime, and scheduling with our workforce management and business automation software.

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Professional Services

Solutions for Professional Service Businesses Solutions for the Professional Services IndustryFor businesses that provide professional services, accurately tracking employee time is incredibly important in order to bill clients. Acumen's workforce management solutions are ideal for professional service businesses because they offer automation, efficiencies, and a positive return on investment within months. Control employee labor costs, overtime,

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How Employee Time & Attendance Systems Facilitate Compliance

Facilitate Regulatory Compliance By providing accountability, reliability, historical records, and secure systems, Acumen's time and attendance software helps facilitate regulatory compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, FairPay Rules, PCI, and more. Regulations Addressed by Acumen's Time & Attendance Systems Sarbanes-Oxley PCI FairPay Rules DCAA GLBA NCUA Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Requiring reliability and accuracy for corporate financial disclosures, Sarbanes-Oxley affects

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The Immediate Benefits of Automatic Job Tracking Systems

How Can Your Business Benefit from Job Tracking Software? Many of the benefits of job tracking software stem from the automation of manufacturing and other business processes. For many manufacturing, shipping, and food production companies, the need for job tracking software is a hallmark of making it to the big leagues. Job tracking enables real-time production

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Processes Improved by Job Tracking Software

Countless processes and projects can be improved using job tracking software. So many, really, that we couldn't hope to even come close to discussing them all. In this article, we discuss just some of the processes that can be improved using job tracking software. Job Costing A precursor to production scheduling, job costing allows you

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Planning a Physical Access Control Implementation

Planning A Physical Access Control Implementation Here are the aspects of planning that project planners and end-users often overlook. To begin the planning stage start by asking the fundamental question: "What am I looking to accomplish with this system?" Are you a security manager looking to protect your facility from intruders? Or a human resources

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