Getting the Most Out of Your Manufacturing Workflow with Automation

Acumen begins with what every manager and employee wants- optimized output. That is, jobs and orders done right the first time. Only one time. And faster than the competition.
To get there, you need an accurate real-time assessment of inputs and outputs- from machine capacity, to inventory, to maintenance, and labor. This eliminates the potential errors and missteps.

The lines of communication should be open and constant. That’s because a single error can actually cost millions (from labor overruns, to material waste, to costly lawsuits) depending on your industry. Managing sprawling workspaces with hundreds of employees and thousands of moving parts may seem like an impossible task to some. And collecting data on the job floor has traditionally been complicated and expensive.

But that isn’t the case anymore with Acumen’s automatic job tracking and ERP solutions.

Our solutions combine state-of-the-art job shop floor data collection with labor tracking, time and attendance, and inventory tracking. It keeps everyone updated on a job’s status. At the same time, Acumen Data Systems provides employers an effective way to capture actual data- from time spent on a job to material usage- in real time.

At Acumen, they walk their customers through the ins and outs of job tracking one step at a time.

The days of one order, one part, one machine, one operator and a single activity are over. In today’s marketplace, you’ve got multiple operators working across multiple day and night-shifts on multiple machines on multiple orders with multiple processes. From cutting to machining to inspecting to assembly to packing and to shipping out the door.

Case in Point: Complete Manufacturing and Job Tracking Integration

Acumen was recently selected by a well-known North American ball-bearing manufacturing company to deliver a customized solution for many of its locations.

A roller bearing assembly is, of course, like every other widget that’s manufactured, a complex device. And like anything else, it has many parts. First, two rings: the inner ring and the outer ring. Between them: the rolling elements- the ball bearings themselves- run in raceways. To prevent contact between the rolling elements, they need to be evenly spaced and carefully guided. That’s the job of the part known as the cage. Typically, the rings and rollers need to be matched by size, material type, and lot.

All of these parts traditionally had to be collected and assembled in matching sets. Failure to organize and track pieces, workflow tedium, and inefficiency were commonplace. But thanks to Acumen what used to take an employee all day now takes seconds once automated. With Acumen-supplied RF handheld terminals and barcode labeling, every part and component, its movement, in and out of inventory, is tracked and blended seamlessly into the total job.

For the ball-bearing manufacturer, Acumen brought data collection the shop floor with touchscreen, RF WiFi, and electronic time data terminals. We provided not only wireless inventory control and shop floor data collection, but matching software to link and authenticate the ERP’s BOM. With time and attendance, inventory control and shop floor control seamlessly integrated, the Acumen-designed system provided a matching ability beyond the BOM in the ERP.

Items at the bearing manufacturer were entered the inventory in a variety of ways- each carefully monitored and recorded every step of the way. Balls are received from outside vendors, checked and entered into inventory. Rollers and cages, machined in house, are measured, packaged and entered into inventory. The same for inner and outer rings. At the end of the line, the finished bearings are assembled in house, packaged and entered into inventory as complete- all saving time and money with an advanced and integrated Acumen job floor tracking system.

Items are scanned out of inventory based on the bearing manufacturer’s ERP build order, using entry devices like keyboards, touch screens, and bar code scanners.
Items could be released to the floor or entered into a reserved location against the order.

After assembly, the company’s finished goods were labeled and scanned back into inventory.

The system allowed serialized products to be entered into the inventory system, allowing for cross-reference of component items to the finished good. It gave the company a two-step process, labeling both the inner sealed package and the outer box.

This is the precision and power offered by a fully integrated tracking system.

Job and inventory tracking should be automated with easy to use software and dedicated hardware from Acumen.

Job tracking automation is a worthwhile investment for any business with a complicated production process.

ERP Tracking Made Easy

Even with a complicated system, inventory transaction updates are easy. Our proprietary system handles record files and moves them to the proper location on a prescribed schedule. Inventory updates from ERP uses database triggers that are placed on the appropriate tables within the ERP database. You can reconcile the ADS database to the ERP database on a scheduled basis.

The real value comes with updating milestones through scheduling modules that provide real-time job status.

Instant messaging between shop floor employees and the front office ensure constant oversight and shop floor operator comments can be recorded on job jackets.

This way the status of all departments involved in the workflow is monitored. You are tracking at your fingertips labor, productivity, equipment utilization, spoils, and production rates.

You can pull detailed reports on each employee to determine the actual amount of time that was spent working on a particular job.

In the end, Acumen made a complex process simple with its robust system design that included production modules like estimating, job costing, scheduling, purchasing, barcoding, shipping, chargebacks, and fulfillment.

With a flexible, leave-no-stone-unturned design, Acumen has successfully brought advanced tracking technologies to businesses in all industries. Contact us today to improve your business workflow with smart, real-time tracking.

Manufacturing Industry Solutions

With many employees paid hourly, manufacturing companies are losing thousands of dollars each year to inefficiencies if they are not using an automated employee time and attendance system. Automate your workforce management processes and start saving today.

Acumen’s reliable business automation solutions are ideal for manufacturing, providing complete shop floor automation solutions. Control costs of employee labor as well as manufacturing processes while improving workflow with Acumen’s workforce management and business automation software and systems.

Employee Time & Attendance Systems & Software

Whether your employees are facility-based or mobile, you’ll always be completely in control of your workforce with Acumen’s employee time and attendance systems and software. Automate processes and save money by eliminating errors, creating efficiencies, reduce data entry redundancy, and eliminate employee overpayment with Acumen’s employee time and attendance software.

Employee Scheduling Software

Free-up HR management’s time by automating employee scheduling processes with Acumen’s employee scheduling software. Whether your company has one facility or several manufacturing centers, you will be able to quickly and easily manage your employees’ schedules.

Our robust employee scheduling software allows drag-and-drop employee schedule edits for the most intuitive employee scheduling imaginable. Learn more about Acumen’s employee scheduling software today.

HR Management & Employee Self-Service Software

Create rules and manage benefits, skills, certifications, accidents, employee reviews, time off requests, and more with Acumen’s powerful HR management and employee self-service software. Reduce the time your HR management spends managing employee information by utilizing employee self-service.

With Acumen’s HR management and employee self-service software, you are able to determine exactly what information an employee can view and edit. Learn more about Acumen’s HR management and employee self-service software.

Facility Door Access Control Software

Securing your facilities is a no-brainer. Especially when you have Acumen’s facility access control systems and software. Easily manage access control to entire facilities, specific areas, or certain rooms. Better yet, integrate your facility access control systems with your employee time and attendance system to simultaneously enter a building and clock in. Learn more about Acumen’s facility access control systems and software today.

Shop Floor Data Collection & Automation Software

Automate processes, control costs, and improve workflow with Acumen’s robust shop floor data collection and automation software. Easily manage jobs and order schedules to control inventory and automate routing with barcode travelers. Learn more about Acumen’s shop floor data collection software.

Experts in Timekeeping and Employee Scheduling 

Acumen Data Systems is a leading provider of time clock and employee scheduling software. We help organizations manage their most valuable resources, the human kind. Acumen offers robust solutions for time and attendance, scheduling and leave management. 

We believe that technology is just one quarter of the workforce management pie. Employees, policy, and the environment are just as important. 

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