Traditional timekeeping methods that use dedicated hardware are efficient and proven by time, but there are situations where mobile employee time tracking is provably superior. Learn more about mobile timekeeping and it’s best applications with Acumen.

Mobile Timekeeping with Acumen’s ClockVIEW Mobile App

While specialized timeclocks still offer the most durable and secure solution for most industries, mobile timeclock applications such as Acumen’s ClockVIEW Mobile allow businesses unmatched flexibility and convenience.

ClockVIEW Mobile works on Android or iOS. That means your employees can use any device to punch in or punch out, from an iPhone or iPad to any range of Android devices.

This powerful software provides all of the functionality of a standard timeclock, plus a number of features that are unique to mobile devices such as location verification and offline clocking.

Authorization features like location verification can ensure that your employees are where they are supposed to be when they are clocking in, whether that is at the office, at home, or on a job-site. And with the redundancy of offline clocking, even if your employee’s network can’t be reached, their punch location can be recorded to be approved later, to make sure nobody is clocking in while they are away form their work.

With ClockVIEW Mobile, you can keep tabs on all of the employees in your workforce without having to leave your office- supervisors and managers can see everything from the same app they use to clock in too. Our powerful employee timekeeping and scheduling software ensures your employees are always in the right place at the right time.

The Best Ways to Use Advanced Mobile Employee Timekeeping

In recent years, mobile timekeeping solutions have emerged as a new way to account for employee time and labor without using traditional timeclock hardware.

mobile employee timekeeping location tracking

With ClockVIEW Mobile, it’s easy to see that your employees are right where they should be, whether that is in the office, working from home, or out on a job site.

Many fields still rely on traditional stationary timeclocks, but managing a mobile workforce, accounting for employees working from home, and tracking on-site labor would be unreliable (if not impossible) without mobile employee timekeeping.

Seeing the benefits of using the right timekeeping system for your business is as simple as 1-2-3.

1. Managing a Growing Mobile Workforce

Employers using traditional timeclocks used to have no idea where each member of their mobile workforce was. This left many service industries and mobile workforce employers prone to time theft.

Many businesses would only have employees clock in and clock out at their headquarters, with no reliable account of their movement in between. A lone employee might be at the client site, or at the golf course, and there would be no way for their boss to know.

These disorganized and insecure time tracking systems are a thing of the past with ClockVIEW Mobile.

Using location services and mobile time tracking, your employees can clock in and out from the job site without having to stop in at your business just to clock in, saving time and money.

Even better, by tracking individual tasks, you can be sure your employees are doing the best job they can do without having to keep a manager or supervisor on site.

Gain control of your mobile workforce with Acumen’s employee timekeeping systems and software. Acumen’s time and attendance systems will automate processes, reduce data entry redundancy, eliminate employee overpayment, and save your business time and money.

2. Accounting for Employees Working from Home or On the Go

Using a shared timeclock in the office simply won’t suffice for time and data collection when more employees are working remotely from home. To keep track of employees hours while they work from home, novel timekeeping methods like web-based time clocks or timekeeping applications for their phones provide a perfect solution.

clockview mobile employee timekeeping

ClockVIEW Mobile makes it easy for your employees to track their tasks and hours without needing specialized hardware.

Utilizing reliable clocking methods like ClockVIEW Mobile to track employee hours at home makes it easier than ever to monitor your remote workers.

In addition, the same features that make ClockVIEW Mobile perfect for employees working from home also make it possible to track employees hours while they are traveling for work, meeting with business partners, or otherwise away from their usual workspace.

It is nearly impossible to abuse or trick this these systems. As locations are tagged when your employees clock in or out, it’s easy to catch when someone is clocking in from the beach instead of their home office.

3. Accurately Tracking Employee Travel and Labor

For many industries, as more employees have to be constantly on the go, using more efficient timekeeping is essential.

When it comes to deliveries, service calls, and on-site work, there is no better way to track travel, tasks, and hours than a complete mobile timekeeping solution.

For rapidly deployed workforces such as utility service providers, delivery and shipping services, professional security services, and even emergency responders like police, firefighters, and EMTs, having mobile options for timekeeping and labor tracking can provide huge improvements to efficiency and accuracy.

These options also have significant merit in the trucking and shipping industry. For work where travel expenses are tracked and reimbursed by the company, it might be especially valuable to track drivers in real time.

Seeing that drivers are always en-route while they are on the clock ensures your business is running smoothly and there is no room for time theft.

For unparalleled accuracy and convenience, there is no better choice than mobile timekeeping.

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