Biometric time clocks are the best way to improve accuracy, stop buddy punching, and prevent time theft.

Biometric time and attendance solutions are fast, efficient and secure. And they are everywhere, quickly becoming the industry standard. Biometric time tracking systems practically sell themselves if you are looking for efficient ways to keep track of employee hours and payroll.

Regardless of modality, a biometric time clock helps eliminate time-theft, prevents discrepancies based on human error, and cuts administrative costs stemming from lost punch cards, RFID tokens, and forgotten PINs.

Biometrics Save You Time and Money

With sensor scanning of fingerprints in less than a second, employees clock in and clock out much faster using a biometric time clock, saving you tons of money by paying for the exact time worked. No more guesstimates or overpaying.

Biometric time clock technology identifies unique physiological characteristics of each employee. Reading an employee’s unique fingerprint, iris, hand shape, or face shape ensures that he or she cannot clock in for another employee, preventing the common problem of employee time theft.

Traditional, non-biometric time clocks are easy for employees to abuse, intentionally or by mistake. Whether time loss and time theft are accidental or intentional, nobody should be taking advantage of your business.

GT555 Biometric Time Clock

Biometric terminals, such as the GT555 Biometric Time Clock, offer great customization and reliability.

Fingerprint Recognition Prevents Theft

Our state-of-the-art fingerprint authentication technology means the biometric time clock terminal reads the fingerprint fast, allowing each employee to clock in or out. No more “clocking” in or out for each other.

Biometric time clocks stop “buddy-punching” (where one employee uses the PIN or ID card of another employee to clock them in when they aren’t working) by requiring any employee clocking in or out to be physically authenticated by the time clock.

When you need to be in front of the device to clock in, buddy punching isn’t an option.

It’s All in the Hands

Another cutting-edge biometric is hand and finger technology. Rather than capture a three-dimensional image of the hand, it captures unique “minutia points” and measures between the points. Then it hashes the measurement to a single unique value that is transmitted for verification.

We take data security seriously. Because everything is hashed and encrypted, there is no need to worry about potentially leaking employee’s biometric information. Even the encrypted data is kept under lock and key in our carefully managed servers until an employee is being verified.

The Eyes are Windows to the Soul

Contact-less and hygienic iris biometric time clocks are built to withstand high traffic. Our iris recognition time clock solutions can be used in any environment, where other biometric technologies usually fail.

Particularly for larger businesses with many employees, automatic contact-less systems can pay for themselves with how much time and money they save.

Looking ahead, we see a future where time clocks with iris recognition biometrics may be very common for security and sanitation reasons. If your firm was looking for new time and attendance equipment, then why not go with a powerful new option that is more efficient, more sanitary, and more secure than any other system?

There is no better time to invest your capital in a non-contact biometric time clock. It’s a benefit for your firms efficiency and more importantly the well-being of your employees.

Face Recognition Means Secure Access

Capturing an image of your employee’s unique face shape gives you unique opportunities for allowing specific access to a wide-variety of time and attendance features on the terminal.

One of the newest and most interesting types of biometrics technology recognizes the unique patterns that a persons veins make. Because these patterns are intricate and highly complex, it is nearly impossible for one person to clock in as another. This is best for use in your highest security areas and applications, and features the lowest false acceptance and rejection rates available.

Clearly, biometric technology helps your business feel secure by virtually eliminating employee time theft and improving accountability. It’s easy-to-use too, and cost-saving. Which means you get a smart, economical, and cool solution to a common problem.

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