Own Your Time Clock

Some of the big players in the employee time and attendance industry lock customers into contracts that indefinitely forces the rental of employee time clocks. Why? Because they’re so big, they can get away with it.

There’s an expression in the IT community: “Nobody gets fired for buying Intel.” (I’ve also heard “IBM” from old-schoolers.) The mentality that only the biggest employee time and attendance providers are appropriate for enterprise-level businesses is inherently flawed. Not only can Acumen’s software and systems scale to provide complete time and attendance for an entire country (though I don’t know why a country would need to), but Acumen’s employee time and attendance software and systems would actually be much more cost effective for businesses of any size.

How Much Can You Save by Buying Your Employee Time Clock?

Acumen regularly replaces the biggest players in the industry because our clients came to the realization that they were receiving inadequate support and wasting money on leased employee time and attendance systems. Acumen has replaced systems for our valued customers who were paying anywhere from $50 for a basic time clock to $500 / month for a HandPunch. Within five months, the HandPunch we sold them had paid for itself.

We’ve made approximations regarding how much you can save per year based on the cost of the average time clock we replace:

Cost Per MonthNumber of ClocksSavings Per Year

It’s probably pretty obvious that renting a time clock just doesn’t make fiduciary sense. If you’re looking for savings (and who isn’t?), it may be time to upgrade to Acumen.

You may think, “But what if my time clock breaks? Won’t it take a lot of time to get a new one if I buy outright?” Don’t worry – we have you covered. Acumen keeps many employee time clocks on-hand to provide loaners for our customers. We can overnight a new time clock to you so you barely miss a beat.

At Acumen, our valued clients receive better support and more attention than you’d get from a large provider. Upgrade to Acumen and start saving today.