Case Studies

Custom Feature Implementation to Solve Unique Business Challenges

While other time and attendance service providers might offer simple customization options (if they offer any software customization at all), Acumen specializes in developing unique software solutions to business challenges.

CASE STUDY: Retail Time Tracking Solution for Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts got rid of their fax machines and spreadsheets and automated with Acumen. Find out how the premiere chain of baked goods and coffee opened and synchronized a centralized kitchen that supplied hundreds of its outlets—keeping the kitchen secure, the hundreds of employees clocked in, and the donuts hot on the shelves and ready to serve.

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Health: Navigating the Unique Complexities of Home Health Care

Multi-service providers need highly integrated, user-friendly systems that address their complex business requirements. One client had a remote 24/7 workforce in multiple locations with individualized employee training requirements and certifications. See how Acumen Data Systems solved their challenges.

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Government: Centralized and Automated Systems for Administrations

With dozens of offices, programs and departments, governments need simple time and attendance systems that allow time and labor communication—from top to bottom and bottom to top. Acumen Data Systems troubleshoots the challenges and suggests solutions across the board—whether state, county, or municipality. One municipal government had increasing numbers of union employees. Find out how the changing makeup of its workforce became its greatest strength.

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CASE STUDY: Integrated Scheduling and Time & Attendance

Premier Human Services, Inc. Case Study Premier Human Services, Inc. is a multi-service organization that provides residential services, independent living supports, and guardianship services for people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities. These program models provide a continuum of services and accommodate a wide range of support needs including services designed to support people who may

Job Tracking, Inventory Control, & Shop Floor Automation

Acumen was selected by a well-known North American ball-bearing manufacturing company to deliver a shop floor control solution for many of its locations. This company’s product range includes needle roller bearings, linear solutions, actuation systems and engine components. A roller bearing is a machine element that transmits, with a minimum of friction, a load between

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