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The Ultimate Employee Timeclock System Buying Guide

Everything you'll need to know about employee timeclock systems before making a purchasing decision is in this helpful guide. See what the timekeeping experts at Acumen have to say about manual, networked, and digital timekeeping solutions.

Software Buying Guide: Time and Attendance Made Simple

From Punch Cards to Smart Clocks Businesses like yours have been adding up their employees’ time cards or turning in time sheets or simply using the honor system for a long, long time—most of the 20th century in fact. Or you use an automated time and attendance solution but one that no longer works like it

The Return on Investment for Automated Employee Time & Attendance

Let's Do the Math. Automation reduces repetitive manual tasks found in manual payroll systems. These manual systems require time card collection, correction & calculation. All of those tasks have to be overseen by a payroll manager. Manual systems lead to errors, and reduce productivity. If these mundane tasks can be eliminated or shortened, employees have more

Switching from a Manual to an Automatic Timekeeping System

When your business is transitioning from a manual to an automated time and attendance system, the process can seem confusing and overwhelming at first. This article outlines several steps for planning your company's transition to an automated time and attendance system.

How to Properly Budget a New Time & Attendance System

Planning and budgeting-out a new time and attendance system, even for small and mid-sized companies, can sometimes take months and an entire team. Equipped with the right information, however, even the most complex roll-outs can be managed with confidence. Acumen is here to guide you.