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Expert Insights: COVID-19 Labor and Employment Laws

Employment and Labor Laws in the Coronavirus Crisis- Is Your Business Ready? The COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic has brought workplace safety, employee accommodation, business security, and wage & hour tracking issues to the forefront for many companies. To avoid serious legal challenges and liability, businesses have to be aware of several factors. According to Jennifer Meyer-Mahoney Esq.,

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Acumen’s GT450: The Best Midrange Employee Time Clock

Destined to set the standard for programmable time clock devices for years to come, the GT450 is the very best in mid-price hardware where lower cost does not mean sacrificing quality. Impressive new features, aesthetic enhancements, and performance improvements.

Case Study: Progress Health

Progress Health is a healthcare provider who provides high quality care in an urban community. The company's focus is on helping those challenged by income, language and cultural barriers. They offer a variety of medical services at their two locations, as well as through a collaborative effort with other healthcare providers. This model allows them to

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