Time Clock Hardware

Perfect Employee Time Tracking Software for the Service Industry

Flexible Employee Time Tracking Software for the Service Industry When you're looking for an all-in-one solution for employee time tracking software, you're looking for ClockVIEW. No other time tracking software on the market is more adaptable to your unique business needs and demands. Acumen offers the most robust employee time and attendance software available with a

Are You Looking for the Best Web Based Time Clock?

The Best Web Time Clock for Your Business: Acumen's WebCLOCK is the Answer Are you looking for the best fully featured online time clock? You will find everything you need and more with highly customizable WebCLOCK interface. Featuring flawless time and attendance tracking with task tracking features, employee self-service options, and benefit management, WebCLOCK makes employee

Virtual Timeclock Software: No Hardware No Problem

Virtual Timeclock Solutions Virtual timeclock software provides the most universal solution for employee time tracking. With Acumen's virtual timeclock applications, there's no need for expensive timeclocks. Here, we'll explore the ways that the best timeclock software can benefit your business. Is Timeclock Hardware the Right Investment for Your Business? Many businesses benefit from the advanced features

The GT650 Face Recognition Time Clock

There is a new front-runner for the fastest, most customizable, and most feature complete time clock system on the market: Acumen's GT650 face recognition time clock. This time clock utilizes the Android operating system to provide unprecedented support for business and organizational applications.

Acumen Model 101

Acumen's Model-101 Time Clock The Model-101 time clock is simple and easy to setup and use. It comes preconfigured with all the functions needed to collect employee time and attendance. Simple plug and play to with your time and attendance software. Reliable Biometric Fingerprint Clocking Acumen‘s Model 101 features true plug-and-play biometric fingerprint clocking that

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Acumen GT 10

GT10 series is innovative versatile time clocks which combine a highly durable yet elegant casing with a variety of identification methods from bar code cards, magnetic stripe cards, RFID/proximity cards and/or fingerprints (shown). Offering unparalleled performance with all the features a modern time and attendance reader should have including relay contacts for access control/external bell. TCP/IP

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Biometrics: The Future is Now

Controlling Theft, Managing Access, Saving Money Biometric time and attendance solutions are fast, efficient and secure. And everywhere. Swiftly becoming the standard, they practically sell themselves if you are looking for efficient ways to keep track of employee hours and payroll. Regardless of modality, these systems help eliminate time-theft, discrepancies based on human error and

Acumen GT550 Touchscreen Employee Time Clock

Acumen GT550 Touchscreen Employee Time Clock Acumen's breathtaking GT550 touchscreen employee time clock is ideal for time and attendance and access control applications. Proximity and swipe clocking come standard with the GT550, making it an extremely affordable employee time clock. Fingerprint biometric scanning can also be added. Offering quick and easy customization and plug-and-play convenience for

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Acumen’s GT450: The Best Midrange Employee Time Clock

Destined to set the standard for programmable time clock devices for years to come, the GT450 is the very best in mid-price hardware where lower cost does not mean sacrificing quality. Impressive new features, aesthetic enhancements, and performance improvements.