The Advantages of Purpose-Built Timeclock Hardware

Dedicated timeclocks are purpose-built, business-essential devices that are unmatched in their timekeeping performance. So why do many businesses try to avoid dedicated timeclocks with options like mobile timekeeping and web clocking? There are clear advantages for your business that can only be obtained with dedicated hardware. When it comes to real business, cutting corners just won't

The GT650 Face Recognition Time Clock

There is a new front-runner for the fastest, most customizable, and most feature complete time clock system on the market: Acumen's GT650 face recognition time clock. This time clock utilizes the Android operating system to provide unprecedented support for business and organizational applications.

The Ultimate Employee Timeclock System Buying Guide

Everything you'll need to know about employee timeclock systems before making a purchasing decision is in this helpful guide. See what the timekeeping experts at Acumen have to say about manual, networked, and digital timekeeping solutions.

The Advantages of Biometric Employee Time & Attendance

The Advantages of Biometric Employee Time and Attendance Systems Preventing Employee Time Theft Biometric systems work by recognizing an individual’s unique physiological traits. There are many advantages to using biometric technology for employee time management, and biometric time clocks are becoming increasingly popular because of their improved security. Particularly, because biometric systems read a person’s unique fingerprint,

Safe Solutions: Non-Contact RFID & Facial Recognition Time Clocks

With social distancing and the increasing use of face masks and gloves, many have questions about the effectiveness and safety of biometric timekeeping systems. Today we'll be taking a look at biometric and non-contact time clocks to see how they can keep employees safe.

Biometrics: The Future is Now

Controlling Theft, Managing Access, Saving Money Biometric time and attendance solutions are fast, efficient and secure. And everywhere. Swiftly becoming the standard, they practically sell themselves if you are looking for efficient ways to keep track of employee hours and payroll. Regardless of modality, these systems help eliminate time-theft, discrepancies based on human error and

Biometric Time Clocks: Increase Accuracy and Stop Time Theft

Biometric time clocks are the best way to improve accuracy, stop buddy punching, and prevent time theft. Biometric time and attendance solutions are fast, efficient and secure. And they are everywhere, quickly becoming the industry standard. Biometric time tracking systems practically sell themselves if you are looking for efficient ways to keep track of employee hours

How Do Fingerprint Biometric Time Clocks Work?

Biometric employee time management solutions are on the rise. These tools manage access, eliminate time theft, improve business security, and make clocking in fast and efficient. Here, we'll be taking a look at all of these benefits, as well as how these systems were developed and how they work.

Employee Time & Attendance Buying Guide

Guide to Purchase Time & Attendance and What to Look for in Time & Attendance Software Purchasing an employee time and attendance system can be a major undertaking for any company. Many purchase criteria must be considered - everything from functionality to interoperability to cost must be weighed carefully when evaluating time and attendance software.

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