Access Control

The Advantages of Purpose-Built Timeclock Hardware

Dedicated timeclocks are purpose-built, business-essential devices that are unmatched in their timekeeping performance. So why do many businesses try to avoid dedicated timeclocks with options like mobile timekeeping and web clocking? There are clear advantages for your business that can only be obtained with dedicated hardware. When it comes to real business, cutting corners just won't

Are Time Clocks Right for Access Control?

Some businesses are using their time clocks in place of dedicated access control devices. Is it worth it? In this article, we'll explore some of the functions of access control, the faults in relying on one device for multiple functions, and Acumen's unique solution for integrating time management with access control.

How Do Fingerprint Biometric Time Clocks Work?

Biometric employee time management solutions are on the rise. These tools manage access, eliminate time theft, improve business security, and make clocking in fast and efficient. Here, we'll be taking a look at all of these benefits, as well as how these systems were developed and how they work.

Planning a Physical Access Control Implementation

Planning A Physical Access Control Implementation Here are the aspects of planning that project planners and end-users often overlook. To begin the planning stage start by asking the fundamental question: "What am I looking to accomplish with this system?" Are you a security manager looking to protect your facility from intruders? Or a human resources

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