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The Advantages of Purpose-Built Timeclock Hardware

Dedicated timeclocks are purpose-built, business-essential devices that are unmatched in their timekeeping performance. So why do many businesses try to avoid dedicated timeclocks with options like mobile timekeeping and web clocking? There are clear advantages for your business that can only be obtained with dedicated hardware. When it comes to real business, cutting corners just won't

Designing the Perfect Timekeeping Solution for Home Health Care

Acumen Data Systems developed the perfect employee time management solution for Cooperative for Human Services, Inc., a home health care provider with hundreds of employees across Massachusetts. With home health care, residential services, and off-site employee time management more essential than ever, every industry is looking for a timekeeping system that can keep up.

The Immediate Benefits of Automatic Job Tracking Systems

How Can Your Business Benefit from Job Tracking Software? Many of the benefits of job tracking software stem from the automation of manufacturing and other business processes. For many manufacturing, shipping, and food production companies, the need for job tracking software is a hallmark of making it to the big leagues. Job tracking enables real-time production

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Processes Improved by Job Tracking Software

Countless processes and projects can be improved using job tracking software. So many, really, that we couldn't hope to even come close to discussing them all. In this article, we discuss just some of the processes that can be improved using job tracking software. Job Costing A precursor to production scheduling, job costing allows you

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