Progress Health is a healthcare provider who provides high quality care in an urban community. The company’s focus is on helping those challenged by income, language and cultural barriers. They offer a variety of medical services at their two locations, as well as through a collaborative effort with other healthcare providers. This model allows them to offer a comprehensive healthcare solution to this underserved group.

At Progress Health, there was a desire to streamline time, attendance, and payroll management. The staff could then spend more time focused on helping clients and less time worrying about accurate employee attendance and compensation.

The Challenge: Streamline the funding allocation component of their payroll system, while reducing time spent on the payroll administrative process.

When Acumen Data Systems was contacted by Progress Health, they were manually processing and allocating their staff’s time. This process was filled with opportunities for errors. To overcome this challenge, various checks and balances were established within their manual system, which were document and labor intensive. “We are a community based organization, and a significant portion of our funding is grant based. Allocating the funds properly to each of our staff’s activities was overwhelming,” said the Director of Human Resources.

“Minimizing mistakes required our staff and supervisors to spend a tremendous amount of time checking to make sure that funds were properly allocated. Reporting back to our funding sources with details on how and when funds were utilized is a requirement.”

As Progress Health continued to expand their services and locations, capturing accurate “punch” times also became more crucial. Historically, paper time sheets were used. If Progress Health wanted to continue to offer a high level of service to their clients, and efficiently process their payroll, this method was no longer a viable option. A secure system was needed that was seamless from punch to paycheck.

Solution: Acumen’s ClockVIEW SaaS service complemented by biometric time clocks.

After completing a full evaluation of the current system, Acumen Data Systems recommended utilizing LaborVIEW SaaS time and attendance service complemented by biometric time clocks. The system’s unique Advanced Automated Funding Source Allocation™ (AAFSA) allows the client to assign actual time to a particular funding source rather than using a predetermined percentage of a staff member’s time. Supervisors can easily check the staff allocations for accuracy as often as they would like prior to final payroll submittals. The biometric time clocks validate that the appropriate person is punching and being credited for their time. Also, the total time recorded for the entire staff can easily be reviewed and accounted for in real time.

“We are so happy that you also recommended the integration of the new clocks. This extra level of security and accountability is extremely helpful,” commented Progress Health’s Payroll Manager.

Audit Results & Grant-Writing Simplified

The new integrated system allows for simple access to historical and real time data. This information has helped to streamline the required audit process and offered an additional level of compliance without the stress. Utilizing specific auditing reports and being able to demonstrate the highest level of accountability has helped secure new sources of funding.

Allow Acumen Data Systems to design an automated employee time and attendance system that will meet your organization’s goals.

Acumen’s Employee Time & Attendance Systems Enable You to:

  • Provide multiple secure clocking options
  • Track labor based on different pay rules
  • Allocate labor based on various pay rules including AAFSA
  • Offer remote supervisor access to reports and approval verification
  • Allow for seamless integration with most payroll software programs

Acumen Data Systems is an industry leading provider of time and attendance solutions. We have helped thousands of companies nationwide better manage their staffing and payroll requirements.

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