Food Service Time Clock Solutions

It’s important for food service and quick serve businesses to track employee time and attendance accurately since many employees are paid hourly.

Whether you need to track union versus non-union workers or need easy integration with payroll, ERP, or food production systems, Acumen’s time clock, scheduling and workforce management software will achieve a positive return on investment within a few short months.

Automate your workforce management and business processes with Acumen’s reliable and robust solutions. Whether you require a complex, fully integrated timekeeping and scheduling solution or a simple employee time tracking system, Acumen will work closely with you to ensure complete satisfaction.

Acumen Data Systems provides a wide range of employee time and attendance solutions for food service companies, restaurants, and the quick-serve industry.

time clocks for timekeeping scheduling solutions

Get a complete timekeeping and scheduling solution custom-tailored for your industry from Acumen.

Perfect Timekeeping Solutions for:

  • Restaurants
  • Bakeries
  • Food Packaging Companies
  • Food Distribution Companies
  • Quick Serve Chains
  • Catering Companies
  • Delivery Services
  • Grocery Stores

Employee Time and Attendance Software

Automating your employee time and attendance could save you thousands each year. Even a ten-person food service company can save over $4,000 each year thanks to efficiencies alone.

And if you’re renting your employee time clocks, you’ll save even more by buying them outright from Acumen.

You can easily manage multiple facilities and mobile employees with Acumen’s powerful employee time and attendance software and eliminate errors at the same time.

With Acumen’s employee time tracking software, you will create efficiencies and eliminate employee over-payment as well.

Learn more about Acumen’s employee time and attendance software and systems.

Employee Scheduling Software

Manage multiple shifts and locations quickly and easily- or automate the whole process- with Acumen’s robust employee scheduling software. Edit schedules with intuitive click-and-drag functionality and create reports based on coverage.

With Acumen’s employee scheduling software, you can create rules to ensure proper supervisor coverage and easily refer employees’ preferred work times.

HR Management & Employee Self-Service Software

Reduce the time your HR management spends managing employee information with Acumen’s HR management and employee self-service software. Create rules and manage benefits, skills, certifications, time off requests, and more.

With Acumen’s useful HR management and employee self-service software, you’re able to determine exactly what information each employee can view and edit.

Make access to information, hours, and accrued benefits simple and clear for employees of all levels with Acumen.

Facility Access Control Systems & Software

Secure your stores, restaurants, bakeries, or factories with Acumen’s facility access control systems and software. Whether you’re a small bakery, a candy shop, or a growing franchise with locations across the globe, Acumen’s facility access control systems and software empower you with the most dynamic access control system.

You get the best of site security and employee accountability when you use biometric solutions from Acumen.

Control which rooms or facilities each employee has access to quickly and easily.

Backed by the best access control and biometric authorization systems, such as our high-quality biometric timeclocks, you can rest assured your facilities are secure.

Production Automation & Shop Floor Data Collection Software

With Acumen’s production automation and shop floor data collection software, you can automate your production processes to achieve efficiencies and reduce costs from day one.

Control costs and improve workflow by introducing automation to your food production processes.

Mobile Employee Tracking for Shipping and Deliveries

Using tools like ClockVIEW Mobile, your employees on the go can clock in, clock out, and reflect real-time locations and job progress no matter where they are.

Keep your workforce moving quickly and efficiently without having to slow down for traditional time clocks, and access real-time data from your employee’s location of job-tracking with the press of a button.

This is the perfect option for shipment drivers, delivery runners, caterers, and other mobile employees in the food-service industry.

Experts in Timekeeping and Employee Scheduling 

Acumen Data Systems is a leading provider of time clock and employee scheduling software. We help organizations manage their most valuable resources, the human kind. Acumen offers robust solutions for time and attendance, scheduling and leave management. 

We believe that technology is just one quarter of the workforce management pie. Employees, policy, and the environment are just as important. 

Do you have questions about Acumen’s timekeeping solutions? 

Contact one of our experts to discuss the best timekeeping solutions for your organization. You can also reach us at 888-816-0933.