Use ClockVIEW Mobile’s Geofencing tools to make sure employees are clocking in from the right place.

How do you know if your mobile employees are in the right place? Geofencing is the answer.

What is geofencing?

With Geofencing you can use GPS technology to build a virtual fence around a real space. That virtual barrier can be anywhere in the world. And you can outline multiple spaces at the same time. That means you can establish any number of places as locations for your company.

With the right workforce management tools, this can ensure all of your employees are exactly where you want them to be.

Geofencing services offer greater security for strictly managed workplaces, and confidence in mobile employees punching in and out from distant work sites on their phone or tablet.

mobile geofencing

ClockVIEW Mobile allows your employees to clock in from anywhere you want from their phone or tablet.

Your best tool for geofencing is ClockVIEW Mobile, a powerful and flexible platform for managing your mobile workforce.

How does ClockVIEW Mobile use geofencing?

ClockVIEW Mobile uses geofencing technology to ensure your employees can only punch in where you want them to. Once you configure your company locations, the app will handle employee locations automatically.

ClockVIEW Mobile works on Android or iOS. That means your employees can use any device you allow to punch in or punch out. Whenever a punch is requested the phone or tablet will record its location to be verified before the punch is approved. This ensures your employees are always in the right place at the right time.

You can check an employee’s location from different sources on the device, including GPS, WiFi, or even cell phone network position.

ClockVIEW Mobile is also able to detect if a user hides their location. If an employee turns off location permissions or disables GPS tracking, they can be prevented from punching in. This prevents time theft and employee errors.

Using geofencing with ClockVIEW Mobile ensures your mobile workers follow the same rules as on-site employees.

Setting your company locations is easy in our ClockVIEW software. Just use Google Maps to mark your locations. The app will accept any punches coming from the locations you set.


Geofencing is easy to set up and ensures your employees are where they need to be.

Soft limits can also be set to still allow punches outside of the designated area. When an employee punches in outside of the geofence, it will record when and where the punch took place. This gives supervisors and managers the ability to follow-up with the employee later to ensure compliance.


Giving employees the ability to punch in and out from their phone is quick and easy. And the ClockVIEW Mobile application is user friendly.


Acumen’s powerful geofencing options give you confidence that no one will abuse your system. Your employees will be exactly where you need them to be.

Right place. Right time. Every time.

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