Time Keeping and Employee Scheduling Solutions for the Hospitality Industry

Whether you represent a single motel or a chain of large hotels, you will achieve significant savings with Acumen’s workforce management software and systems. With the ability to manage and report on all employee information, Acumen’s workforce management solutions help you automate many processes, create efficiencies, and reduce data entry redundancy.

Several of Acumen’s hospitality clients came to us because we provide integrated solutions and because we have customization capabilities that are unmatched in the industry. Acumen’s workforce management software is the most robust in the industry, offering features and reports you will not find anywhere else.

Acumen’s hospitality clients include:

  • Motels
  • Inns
  • Bed & Breakfasts
  • Day Spas
  • Hotels

Time & Attendance

Acumen’s employee time and attendance software will help you manage your workforce, automate processes, and save money. By eliminating errors, creating efficiencies, and eliminating employee overpayment, Acumen’s employee time and attendance software will achieve a positive return on investment for you in a few short months. Easily manage and report on employee time, time off requests, schedules, benefits, and much more. Ensure compliance with convenient, built-in Auditor Reports. Learn more about Acumen’s robust and cost-effective employee time and attendance software and systems.


With Acumen’s employee scheduling software, editing your employees’ schedules is as easy as clicking and dragging. Ensure proper coverage for peak times and create reports to view coverage, wage information, benefits, and much more. Automate your employee scheduling process and control overtime with Acumen’s robust employee scheduling software. Learn more about Acumen’s employee scheduling softwaretoday.

HR Management & Employee Self-Service Software

Get Acumen’s HR management and employee self-service software, and get peace of mind regarding your workforce management capabilities. Create rules and manage benefits, wages, time off requests, employee evaluations, and much more. With Acumen’s full-featured HR management and employee self-service software, you are empowered with the ability to choose exactly what information an employee can view and edit when viewing their own account. Learn more about Acumen’s HR management and employee self-service software.

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