Acumen was selected by a well-known North American machining and manufacturing company to deliver a shop floor control solution for many of its locations. This company’s product range includes needle roller bearings, linear solutions, actuation systems, vital engine components, and other high-precision products. We pride ourselves on providing high quality inventory data collection solutions for manufacturers in industries of all kinds, in addition to our fully-featured employee timekeeping and scheduling solutions.

Acumen provided not only an equally precise wireless inventory control and shop floor data collection system, but also matching software to authenticate the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system’s BOM.

Acumen provided Time and Attendance, Inventory Control and Shop Floor Control with enhancements to provide a matching ability beyond the BOM in the ERP for this company and many others.

In modern industries, and especially manufacturing, automation is essential. Traditionally, differing components and parts had to be matched by hand, moved from one part of the facility to the other, to be assembled by complex fabrication machines. These jobs, which were once manual, were efficiently automated by Acumen.

enterprise resource planning erp automation software

Track and visualize real-time data from your ERP system’s inventory management with Acumen.

Enterprise Resource Planning Benefits

Any ERP system should be able to automatically manage and integrate important parts of an expansive business. Delivering up-to-date information for planning, purchasing inventory, directing sales, marketing, finance, and human resource management is essential.

But with Acumen’s solutions, we go above and beyond to provide exceptional ERP options.

Our specialized enterprise resource planning benefits include:

  • Real-Time Data Collection and Visibility
  • Wireless Communication
  • Complete Inventory Control

These key features ensure that both production and data flow smoothly between all of your facilities.

Inventory Control with Acumen

We maintain our goals to significantly increase inventory control and tracking accuracy, speed and quality by incorporating the latest technology in automatic data collection, and to expertly implement cutting-edge inventory management systems.

Inventory System Overview

Using RF handheld terminals and barcode labeling to track the movement of materials in and out of inventory and to assure the correct components are used within the manufacturing processes.

Items enter the inventory in a variety of ways. With many systems, components and raw materials are received from outside vendors, checked for quality, stocked, and entered into inventory. Other components are machined in-house, measured, packaged and entered into inventory.

As items move through these systems, you’ll have a perfectly accurate account of each item at each stage in the process, tracking potential defects down to the exact batch and location error, or simply ensuring your manufacturing output is as high as it should be.

All finished goods are assembled in house, packaged and entered into inventory ready to be shipped out to your customers, or move along to the next production facility in your product pipeline. In either case, you know your entire inventory is at your fingertips.

ERP Interface

Polling for transactions is to be used for inventory transaction updates. PutDATA will create the file and move it to the proper location on a prescribed schedule. Inventory updates from ERP will be performed through the use of database triggers placed on the appropriate tables within the ERP database. PutDATA will also have a function for reconciling the ADS database to the ERP database on a scheduled basis.

Inventory Functions

  • Physical Inventory
  • Pick
  • Put Away
  • Print / Re-Print
  • Status
  • Assembly Pick
  • Job to BOM Verify
  • Move
  • Item Lookup
  • Container
  • Make
  • Load
  • Fill
  • Split
  • Reserve
  • Change
  • Ship
  • Receive

Shop Floor Control

When it comes to expertly deploying a real-time shop floor data collection and tracking system for jobs and labor, Acumen delivers.

Shop Floor System Overview

The system is comprised of wireless data collection terminals connected via Access Points to Ethernet, back to a server; resident on the server is the data collection and data replication service.

The active server pages and web server IIS is resident on the server.

Administrative personnel will have client software load on their desktops, payroll will use Time and Attendance and operations will use Shop Floor Control (these users are likened to “super user” status). Meanwhile, supervisors can access data using a web browser from most devices.

Acumen inventory data collection system

Get the most out of your automation and ERP interface with Acumen Data System’s hardware and software solutions.

Job & Labor Data Collection

The terminals are strategically located throughout the shop floor. At manufacturing operation points the employee can START or STOP a shop order.

Employees clock in to start their work day, and clock out to end their day. They use the lunch start/stop keys and break start/stop keys to identify unpaid stops in work and paid breaks in work respectively. Employees use operation/setup/rework/teardown start and stop keys to identify work performed against the shop orders, and the task key to identify indirect (non-shop order) labor time.

SFDC Functions

  • Clock In/Out
  • Create Note
  • Task, Start Job
  • Manager Override
  • Machine Up / Down
  • Machine Status
  • Start /Stop Operation
  • Activity
  • Accept / Reject / Reason
  • Close Operation
  • Start / Stop Maintenance
  • Task
  • Lunch In /Out
  • Break In / Out
  • Department Transfer
  • Cell In / Out
  • Job In / Out of Cell

Software Components

Data Collection

Once the system is live, Data Collection captures terminal transaction. The transaction is logged in a circular file named Log.txt, usually found in the same directory as Data Collection. Next, the transaction is written to the Raw Table in the database, then the Time Table. Data Collection looks ahead to the schedules and will start processing transactions from Raw transactions to Processed. Processed transactions will be color coded black if “OK”, red if in error, and blue if waiting processing. Once processed, the transactions are also “tagged” with appropriate system generated messages, such as “Early”, “Late”, “Good”, et cetera.

Terminal transactions are validated via Data Collection. Regardless of positive or negative results of validation the transaction is logged into the LOG.txt file. Validation levels are the presence of the data in the appropriate table in the database, as well as validation to schedules, job operation sequences and quantities.

Time and Attendance

Time and Attendance is the labor/time and attendance administrative module. Rules and information from the company level through that of the employees are configured and maintained via this module. Editing and reporting can be performed and produced via this module.

These features can be fully integrated with Acumen’s premiere time and attendance solution, ClockVIEW, to maximize your timekeeping efficiency.

Shop Floor Control (SFDC)

Shop Floor Data Collection is the manufacturing order administrative module. Standards are maintained within this module, and orders can be reviewed and entered. Parts and operations can be viewed, edited and entered via SFDC Machine centers can be maintained, Job Time Cards can be edited and Job reports can be produced within this module.


Inventory is the inventory control module. Inventory locations, items, reorder levels and reporting are administered within Inventory.

Data Replication

Data Replication is the ERP integration module. Data replication and synchronization is performed within this module.

MRP Interface Support

Many MRP interfaces are supported. You can consult with our expert staff to find the best solution for your configuration.

Experts in Timekeeping and Employee Scheduling

Acumen Data Systems is a leading provider of time clock and employee scheduling software. We help organizations manage their most valuable resources, the human kind. Acumen offers robust solutions for time and attendance, scheduling and leave management. 

We believe that technology is just one quarter of the workforce management pie. Employees, policy, and the environment are just as important. 

Do you have questions about Acumen’s enterprise resource planning solutions?

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