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JobVIEW: Job Tracking Software & Manufacturing Automation Software

Reduce operating costs and achieve true manufacturing automation with Acumen’s job tracking software, JobVIEW. As a real-time, web-based job tracking software solution, JobVIEW provides immediate insight into manufacturing processes, raw materials, inventory, and employee labor.

Acumen’s job tracking software integrates completely with payroll, ERP, MRP, databases, and other business systems to automate manufacturing production and achieve greater profitability. Our powerful job tracking software provides reliable job costing integration, production scheduling, assembly routing, capacity planning, machine tracking, inventory tracking, and more so you can easily track and manage jobs, machines, inventory, and employees.

JobVIEW Software Features

  • Job Costing Integration with Gantt Charts
  • Production Scheduling & Capacity Planning
  • Raw Material & Inventory Availability & Location
  • Equipment & Labor Availability & Location
  • Work in Progress (WIP)
  • Capacity Planning
  • Manufacturing Automation
  • Automatic Data Collection & Real-Time Data Synchronization
  • Work Order & Traveler Generation
  • Assembly Routing for Production Automation
  • Machine Tracking & Maintenance Tracking
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Detailed Reporting

Job Tracking Software: Job Costing Integration

Acumen’s job tracking software integrates with all ERP, MRP, and other business systems to ensure the accuracy of all job costing information. JobVIEW can provide real-time job costing for hard costs or the job costing data - hard and soft costs - can be imported from ERP, MRP or other business systems and databases. Purchase order and bill of material information can also be automatically imported from these business systems using our data synchronization software.

Once the job costing data is available, you can then use Acumen’s job tracking software to generate and edit Gantt charts to schedule the equipment, labor, and materials required for the job. Gantt charts provide a visual timeline of the work, processes, resources, and employees required for a job in order to identify applicable costs associated with the job, to facilitate capacity planning, and to define the standard (the expected job performance). Reports can then be generated to measure actual performance against the standard to identify inefficiencies and optimze production.

Production Scheduling & Capacity Planning

Acumen’s job tracking software provides you with insight into the availability of your resources - raw materials, machines, labor, and inventory - so you can accurately schedule jobs, forecast promise dates, and determine appropriate production rates.