Acumen Model 101 Biometric Employee Time Clock

The Model-101 time clock is simple and easy to setup and use. It comes pre-configured with all the functions needed to collect employee time and attendance. Simple to plug and play with your time and attendance software, and even better with Acumen’s ClockVIEW suite.

Acumen Model 101 Biometric employee time clock

The Model 101 is a clean and efficient biometric time clock that is ready to go with features for employee timekeeping.

Reliable Biometric Fingerprint Clocking

Acumen‘s Model 101 features true plug-and-play biometric fingerprint clocking that helps eliminate buddy punching and employee over-payment for late punches or extra breaks. The Model 101 also features Fast Clocking to speed employee Punches. If you have standard shifts where employees typically clock in or out, you can set the terminal to stay in the In or Out screen.

Advanced Clocking

The Model 101 Time Clock offers many employee self-service functions that can’t be found elsewhere. Employees can request a day off, view time off approvals, view total hours worked for the pay period, view their last activity, and view their current department, job, task, and status – all directly from the terminal.

Easy Integration

With plug-and-play configuration, the Model 101 Time Clockis one of the easiest employee time clocks to integrate. The employee time clock comes standard with four USB2 ports, Ethernet, and optional WiFi.

Real Time Data Tracking

Unlike competing products the Model 101 is a real-time terminal. Transactions are interactive with the host for validation and messaging. The employees will not get out of sync with the host status. Requests are posted in real-time.

Simple Configuration

The Model 101 accepts configuration data from a simple file loaded on a memory stick. Configuration of host connection URL and Wifi passwords are easily entered without use of cryptic keyboard commands found in competing products.

The Model-101 Time Clock is simple and easy to setup and use. It comes preconfigured with all the functions needed to collect employee time and attendance.

Model 101 Time Clock Features:


  • IN
  • OUT
  • BREAK Start / Stop
  • Punch Status
  • HOURS this pay period
  • Department Transfer


  • Non-contact Badges
  • Biometrics
  • Wifi


  • Clock in and out of each shift
  • Start and stop break during a shift
  • Change departments during a shift
  • View hours for current pay period
  • View last punch
  • Offline operation when network is unavailable
  • Communications
  • Ethernet
  • Wi-Fi (Optional)
  • Power
  • 120 VAC
  • 60Hz

Experts in Timekeeping and Employee Scheduling

Acumen Data Systems is a leading provider of time clock and employee scheduling software. We help organizations manage their most valuable resources, the human kind. Acumen offers robust solutions for time and attendance, scheduling and leave management. 

We believe that technology is just one quarter of the workforce management pie. Employees, policy, and the environment are just as important. 

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