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Time and Attendance. ClockVIEW is our number one selling solution for employers and organizations. Facilitates  compliance with quick and easy auditor reporting.

Scheduling. ShiftVIEW enables easy and accurate employee scheduling and reporting. Reduce labor costs and ensures proper shift coverage.

Absence Management. LeaveVIEW is  powerful, robust, and cost- effective. Easily integrates with Legacy systems. Easy scheduling and shift changes.

Facility Access Control. EntryVIEW  ensures your employees are safe and your assets are protected. Allows or restricts employees from specific buildings, zones, or rooms.

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Job Tracking. JobVIEW is a total solution for automating all of your manufacturing processes. Fast and reliable, JobVIEW integrates with manufacturing systems, ERP systems, payroll.

Field Service. ServiceVIEW manages it all—from the field to the office.  Contracts to invoicing, payroll to inventory control. Dynamic real-time management system tracks employees capacity and resources.

Data Collection. GetDATA is a Windows-driven  application that  integrate sand synchronizes between any fixed and mobile devices.

Data ReplicationPutDATA is a Windows-driven system that  integrates and synchronizes your systems’ data. It reduces data entry redundancy.

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