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Union Pay Rules?

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At Acumen, we love complicated pay rules. Our time and attendance software manages even the most complex pay rules and union requirements, automating processes and eliminating errors.

Over years of contract negotiations – sometimes with multiple unions – many organizations encounter the management burden of a seemingly endless list of union pay rules and benefit requirements. Manual timekeeping and payroll processing in this scenario is an impossible nightmare for more than a couple employees.

Even for businesses without union employees or complicated pay rules, manual time and attendance tracking results in errors. Automated time and attendance systems can save organizations $400 per year per employee thanks to elimination of errors and efficiencies. Thus, the more complicated your pay rules, the greater the savings will be. Learn more about time and attendance system ROI.

Complex Pay Rules and Unions

Many unions require compensation to be based on the skills of the employee and the type of work performed. Often, union rules go beyond this, including special rules for just about anything:

  • Rank for police officers
  • Probationary periods for new employees where certain benefits are frozen
  • Different holiday sets based on work type, position, or union affiliation
  • Pay rate increases based on accomplishments
  • Special overtime and early-arrival rules
  • Good attendance incentives
  • Demerit / point system penalties
  • Requirement for rotating shift schedules
  • Requirement for shift bidding
Briefing pay, for example, is a premium pay type awarded to certain employees upon shift changeovers. Police officers requiring debriefing or manufacturing machine operators whose machines require setup or breakdown may be provided briefing pay if his or her arrival for a shift is within a certain timeframe.

Another unique pay rule that probably needs explanation is shift bidding. When an employee calls-in sick or is otherwise unable to work a scheduled shift, some unions require the ability for union members to bid for the shift – similar to a reverse auction where the low bid wins.

Rotating schedules refer to employee shifts that alternate each week. One week, the employee works one schedule; the next week, they work another – then it repeats. Of course, the schedule may run by pay period instead of by week (for companies with bi-weekly or other pay periods).

And, of course, this is on top of the “easy” time and attendance concerns like time off and breaks. The sheer amount of pay rules can sometimes make it extremely difficult to pay employees on time when an organization does not automate time and attendance / payroll processes.

Payroll for Union Employees

The problem is that complex pay rules – and specifically union pay rules – require functionality that goes beyond the capabilities of most time and attendance systems. While some of the large time and attendance providers offer robust software, none will customize the software to accommodate your unique pay rules. Even if you’re buying a six-figure system. (Acumen has gained many clients for this very reason.)

That’s the great thing about Acumen: we customize our time and attendance software to accommodate complex pay rules for companies large and small, worldwide. We’ve integrated systems that require all of the union rules listed above, as well as many other unique and complex pay rules. Best yet, our systems are completely interoperable with nearly any payroll system.

With Acumen, you can keep your current payroll system and switch to Acumen. You can probably also keep any existing hardware (the only exception would be proprietary, locked-down hardware). Learn more.

Acumen has customized both SaaS and licensed time and attendance software to include complex union pay rules for companies around the world, including:

Federal Government & Agencies

  • Courts
  • Parks
  • Museums
  • Libraries
  • Prisons
  • Other Federal Bureaus & Offices

State Agencies

  • State Offices
  • State Departments & Divisions
  • State Emergency Departments & Police
  • Prisons

Local Government & Municipalities

  • Schools
  • Courts
  • Parks
  • Libraries
  • Public Works Departments
  • Municipal Offices

Other Organizations Employing Union Members

  • Nursing Unions
  • Corrections Officer & Probation Officer Unions
  • Police Unions
  • Public Works Unions
  • Construction Unions
  • Electrical Unions
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