Costly mistakes and simple design flaws can seriously hurt a time and attendance implementation. Without proper planning and the right partnerships, it might seem impossible to find a new timekeeping solution for your business that comes in within your budget limitations. While there are many pitfalls to avoid, as time and attendance market expert Bruce Anderson makes clear in his article, with the right advice these obstacles can be easy to navigate.

See how these serious risks can be avoided and save your business money when you upgrade your timekeeping solution.

Unclear and Undefined Project Scope

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Proper planning and budgeting can ensure that your timeclock implementation comes in under cost and exceeds your expectations, especially with recent advancements in affordable biometric timekeeping.

Many times, time and attendance implementations aren’t considered “tough” for our mighty IT legions. But one of the biggest mistakes you can make is underestimating a time and attendance roll-out.

Managers need to plan-out every facet of the system, or risk finding themselves caught in a tangle of CAT5 cables and management death-stares.

Every business in every industry has specific needs. But when you have very specific needs- such as vital timeclock interfaces or unique report export functions- you need to make them a priority for your system implementation.

You should ensure that the time and attendance service provider can meet your needs, and furthermore, you should have a clear understanding of how long it may take to design, supply, or implement those solution.

For example, if your business is considering upgrading from traditional punch-clocks to cutting-edge biometric authentication timeclocks, you’ll need to ensure that your timekeeping service provider is prepared to implement biometric data-collection devices.

Trying to switch tracks from traditional punch-clocks to biometric devices too late in the implementation process could cause a costly delay of days, if not weeks, and might be something outside of some timeclock provider’s depth.

By laying all of your businesses needs and desires out on the table from the start, both you and your timekeeping service provider will know what to expect from the project, and will keep everyone moving forward towards it’s completion with the finished product in mind.

Limited Access to Company Resources

In many cases, another pitfall that is often experienced during the implementation process is a lack of time dedicated to meeting with payroll, human resources, and information technology representatives. To some, meeting these perspectives from the company that is receiving a new timekeeping service could seem like a waste of time, when in fact the opposite is true.

Time spent between a service provider’s implementation specialists and members of a business is incredibly valuable. When you want your system to meet the needs of your business, and to address all of the nuances of your company as your employees experience it, there is certainly no better way than to collect information from the ground level.

Your service providers want to deliver the best system possible for your company, and giving their implementation team access to your employees is the best way to ensure that.

By combining various employee perspectives of the system with a clear top-down approach, it guarantees a complete understanding of your time and attendance system.

Lack of Integration Experience

Finding time and attendance system integrators with the right experience is also essential. In many cases, an expensive and underwhelming implementation can be attributed to inexperienced teams working with unfamiliar hardware and software at your expense.

You shouldn’t be paying for anything less than professional, full-service system implementation- and if the service provider you’re working with can not guarantee that, it may cost you.

When it comes to finding a team with experience, however, you don’t have to look further than Acumen Data Systems.

Acumen’s highly experienced implementation specialists will be readily available to assist your company every step of the way. We do not take shortcuts in the implementation process, ensuring that your business’ new time and attendance system will be exactly what was ordered. Learn more about Acumen’s system implementation here.

Make Sure You Don’t Go Over Budget with Acumen

Each of these obstacles can be tough to tackle, but with expert knowledge and careful planning, your timekeeping solution can be planned-out and implemented effectively and within your budget.

To learn more about Acumen’s full-service approach to system implementation- including our cost-saving system planning and administrative training options- you can read our article on that here.

And if you’re looking for more expert advice in detail about budgeting time and attendance systems, you can read Bruce Anderson’s original article here.

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