Countless processes and projects can be improved using job tracking software. So many, really, that we couldn’t hope to even come close to discussing them all. In this article, we discuss just some of the processes that can be improved using job tracking software.

Job Costing

A precursor to production scheduling, job costing allows you to generate estimates for time, resource, and budgeting considerations. With JobVIEW, Acumen’s real-time job tracking software application, you’re able to cost-out jobs and view costs down to the very last screw. Track multiple levels of costs, labor, and machine performance with Acumen’s web-based job tracking software.

Production Scheduling

With job costing information at your fingertips, it is easy to schedule production based on estimates. Acumen’s job tracking software provides you with insight into all of your resources – labor, raw materials, machines, and finished products – so you can accurately schedule jobs, forecast promise dates, and determine appropriate production rates. Going beyond production scheduling, JobVIEW also allows for accurate capacity planning and the ability to improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

Machine Tracking

With Acumen’s job tracking software, you have greater insight into your machines and production equipment than ever before. Easily see machine performance data to identify areas for improvement and to plan for routine maintenance. In addition, our job tracking software will also display an error code to identify the reason for any machine downtime.

Manufacturing Automation

Together, job costing, production scheduling, and machine tracking allow you to achieve true manufacturing automation. Nearly any process can be automated, whether it be a manufacturing process, a fulfillment system, or a food production process. Work orders and travelers can be printed to follow the assembly along the production process or paperless dispatch (electronic travelers) can be used to ensure the assembly is produced according to specifications.

Workforce Management

Workforce management is a cornerstone capability of job tracking software. You cannot account for all of your resources if you ignore your most valuable asset – your employees. Acumen’s strong foundation in employee time and attendance and employee scheduling makes our job tracking software that much stronger. Learn more about our time and attendance and employee scheduling software.

Food Production Automation

Companies that provide packaged foods and prepared meals are ideal candidates for job tracking software. Ingredients, processes, and food preparation equipment are all seamlessly managed with our job tracking software to ensure quality, consistency, and delicious products.

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