Solutions for Professional Service Businesses

Solutions for the Professional Services IndustryFor businesses that provide professional services, accurately tracking employee time is incredibly important in order to bill clients. Acumen’s workforce management solutions are ideal for professional service businesses because they offer automation, efficiencies, and a positive return on investment within months. Control employee labor costs, overtime, and save money with our workforce management systems and software.

Acumen’s solutions offer the flexibility and features you need to manage your workforce and automate your business processes. Many of Acumen’s professional service customers chose us because our solutions were the most robust and our corporate capabilities were unmatched in the industry.

Time & Attendance

Whether your employees are facility-based or mobile, Acumen’s employee time and attendance systems and software will enable you to manage your workforce, automate processes, eliminate errors, and create efficiencies. Eliminate employee overpayment and reduce data entry redundancy with Acumen’s employee time and attendance systems and software. Ensure compliance with our employee time and attendance software, featuring the convenient Auditor Report. Learn more about Acumen’s employee time and attendance software and systems.


Acumen’s intuitive employee scheduling software allows you to drag-and-drop employees’ schedules for the easiest scheduling imaginable. Automate scheduling processes and manage multiple sites, shifts, departments, and job types with Acumen’s employee scheduling software. Control labor costs and overtime by creating rules and reports based on employee schedules. Learn more about Acumen’s employee scheduling software today.

HR Management & Employee Self-Service

Empower managers with the capability to determine exactly what personal information an employee can view and edit with Acumen’s HR management and employee self-service software. Create rules and manage benefits, time off requests, skills, certifications, accidents, employee evaluations, and much more with Acumen’s HR management software. Learn more about Acumen’s HR management and employee self-service software.

Facility Door Access Control

Quickly and easily manage access control for entire facilities, specific zones, or even rooms with Acumen’s facility access control software and systems. Integrate your facility access control system with your employee time and attendance system, and enjoy simultaneous entry and clock-in.

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