Fully Customizable Reports and Real-Time Analytics

Our ClockVIEW time clock software has some of the most robust time reporting functions in the industry, with over 60 standard reports and the ability to customize any report to meet your needs, the possibilities are endless. In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at all of the powerful reporting and data analysis features available in ClockVIEW.

ClockVIEW gives you so much more than simple timecards and hourly totals. You can analyze your employees time and attendance, examine the details of any job, track and report project hours and weighted time, and even account for specialized labor. Handle employee payroll, project management, and reporting with one seamless interface.

Rather than crunch the numbers by hand with a spreadsheet or rely on employees to self-report their project time, our software makes it simple and easy to keep track of projects, ensure your employees are staying on schedule, and export time card reports effortlessly at the end of each pay period with as much detail as you need.

ClockVIEW has 60 industry standard reports that are ready to run with the click of a button, featuring every function your businesses needs for a complete timekeeping and payroll experience.

See our complete list of standard reports:

timekeeping report software dashboard analytics

Get the most robust timekeeping and reporting options with ClockVIEW.

  • After Hours
  • Approaching Overtime
  • Approval Status
  • Attendance Calendar
  • Attendance Sheet
  • Average Hours
  • Benefit Payout
  • Bonus Report
  • Break Time
  • Currently On-Task
  • Daily Billing Report
  • Daily Total Aggregate Hours
  • Department Summary Report
  • Employee Benefits
  • Exceptions
  • Excessive Hours
  • Excused Overview
  • Excused Request
  • Excused Time
  • FTE Report
  • GeoFenceAssignments Report
  • HeadCount Report
  • Hours Analysis
  • Hours Earning Report
  • HR Employee Census
  • Invalid Punches
  • IP Report
  • Labor Mismatch
  • Labor Time
  • Material Transaction
  • Missing Schedules
  • Monthly Overview
  • Monthly Summary
  • On Premesis
  • Pay Adjustments Report
  • Pay Period End
  • PBJ Report
  • Piecework Report
  • Points Running Totals
  • Punch Detail
  • Requests to Work Report
  • Schedule vs. Actual
  • Shhedule vs. Tardy
  • Standard Approval
  • Task Time
  • Task Time Summary
  • Termination Report
  • Time Audit
  • Time by Day
  • Time Card
  • Time Card Custom
  • Time Card Expanded
  • Time Card Review
  • Time Card Totals
  • Time Off Balance
  • Timebank Report
  • Timecard Matchmaster
  • Visiting Employees
  • Work Experience
  • Yearly Overview

Reliable Reporting, Specialized for Any Industry

ClockVIEW was designed from the ground up to make reports and analytics easy to use. Utilizing a common report header and template, each of ClockVIEW’s 60 standard reports are engineered to be legible and intuitive. Whether you’re managing a massive manufacturing operation or a software development firm, our advanced filtering and grouping features make it easy to group reports by project, department, or even individual employees.

Alongside common reports that any business can use, ClockVIEW provides reports essential for many specialized industries. Piecework reports (for work done on a per-project basis) can be outright impossible to automate without the correct software, and Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ) reporting is necessary for compliance in the healthcare industry. Our software is ready to meet the challenges of any industry.

Other reporting software might not provide the granularity and configurability your business needs to uphold it’s mission,

but ClockVIEW is unlike other reporting software.

The most popular reports your company uses can be scheduled to run automatically, ready to export ahead of internal reviews or external audits. Simple reports can be run on-demand in seconds, and complex detailed reports can load seamlessly in the background ensuring you’re never locked in to loading screens or waiting to see your data. Reports are readily saved in PDF format and can be accessed quickly from an easy to navigate menu, and remain accessible until cleared.

But that’s not all. ClockVIEW also features some powerful reporting options for getting the most out of your employee data collection, such as:

  • Hour Analysis: a guided report generating program that can be configured to meet complex reporting needs without having to construct a complicated ad hoc report protocol.
  • Configuration Reporting: a tool for quickly exporting information from the ClockVIEW system in an easy to use industry standard CSV format.
  • Expert Report Writer: a program that can easily obtain perfect information about who is editing what in your time and attendance system- the perfect tool for oversight and auditing.
  • Ad Hoc Report Writer: an advanced report generating tool for creating data-rich and specialized reports- best used by system administrators and other data analysis professionals.
  • Pivot Tables: a tool for visualizing and manipulating how report data is represented without compromising data integrity or changing report protocols.

Data at a Glance with Dashboards and Analytics

In ClockVIEW dashboards are collections of specific analytics, graphical representations of employee data updated in real-time. This means you can get an instant view of relevant employee information without having to run a detailed report- perfect for informing your management level decisions or getting a top-down view of your resources at work.

Different dashboards are configured for different purposes. The Out of Office dashboard allows you to quickly see which employees are requesting time off, or who have upcoming approved time off at a glance. Another frequently used dashboard is the Employee In/Out dashboard, which lets you immediately see who is in office, out of office, and busy with work with a complete employee list and pie charts to see organizational activity. Naturally, supervisors and managers can only track the employees they are authorized to oversee in this dashboard, but a user given administrator privileges can see the activity of any employee in the system.

Analytics make it possible to make quick, responsive, and evidence-driven administrative decisions. From a company wide or user specific level, with as much detail and granularity as you need, ClockVIEW gives you the tools to achieve greater efficiency and reduce cost.

Why settle for software that can barely handle your payroll needs when ClockVIEW can automatically account for payroll, project tracking, time reporting, and so much more? Improve efficiency, reduce costs, and discover the power of perfect information with ClockVIEW today.

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