The COVID-19 crisis has brought the use of typical biometric time clocks into question.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many in the time and attendance industry to ask if biometric time clocks are safe and sanitary. With preventative measures like social distancing, and the increasing use of face masks and gloves, many have questions about the effectiveness and safety of biometric time and attendance systems.

Today we’ll be taking a look at biometric and non-contact time tracking systems to see how they can be implemented to keep employees safe.

Is a fingerprint or palm reading biometric time clock sanitary?

Biometric finger print scanners are safe and sanitary, and offer less repeated surface contact than pin pad time clocks.

Biometric finger print scanners are safe and sanitary, and offer less repeated surface contact than pin pad time clocks.

Biometric time clocks have been growing in popularity over the years. The most popular biometric time clocks often use fingerprint scanning or palm reading for authentication. These biometric authorization systems are highly secure and robust. Biometric clocks prevent employee time theft and inaccurate time keeping, and are a perfect compliment to employee access control.

However, because of the CoVID-19 pandemic, many businesses are questioning the safety of using time clocks that require repeated contact with employees hands.

Fortunately, biometric time clock systems have limited points of contact. When an employee can clock in or clock out with just one finger or the press of their palm, each employee spends less time touching the same system. Compare this to a pin pad time clock, or a traditional punch card system, where each employee touches the same time clock repeatedly.

These systems are safe when properly sanitized. Following guidelines about cleaning and sanitation, shared devices should be a high priority for frequent cleanings. And some businesses my feel best implementing a policy of sanitizing after each use.

But because of the current conditions, some companies may prefer to use other methods to clock employees in and out.

Will a non-contact time clock offer the same security as a biometric time clock?

Some time clocks are designed to ensure minimal contact and ease of use. And these benefits do not come at a significant cost to security. It may be time to consider a non-contact time and attendance solution.

Many non-contact time clocks rely on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. RFID time clocks rely on each employee using a unique RFID badge or employee ID card. When an employee approaches a time clock and presents their company ID, the system can be configured to automatically authorize them to clock in or out. This reduces the employees contact with the device. By making the time tracking process more efficient for your employees, you will also avoid crowding around time clocks when your business opens, changes shifts, or closes.

Non-contact time clocks might be a more appealing option for many companies in the wake of the CoVID-19 pandemic. Limiting the use of shared devices with non-contact technology is safer for employees and customers alike. It improves the health and efficiency of your business.

In addition, non-contact time clocks that use RFID badges are second only to biometric time clocks in terms of security. With a traditional punch card or pin pad time clock, employees could clock in or out for each other, leading to inaccurate time keeping and even time theft. RFID badges add an extra layer of security, making it more difficult for employees to abuse your system. The most secure option for employee verification will still be biometric identification, but this comes at the expense of contact for most time clocks. Non-contact RFID time clocks offer a highly secure option with increased speed, ease, and sanitation.

You can use RFID time clocks with cards or badges to make clocking in quick, clean, and easy.

Can biometric time clocks be temporarily disabled or switched to non-contact RFID systems?

Several customers have contacted our company to ask for alternative time clock solutions because of the COVID-19 crisis. For some, their preferred option was disabling their palm or fingerprint based biometric systems in favor of using non-contact RFID solutions.

Fortunately, most of Acumen’s time clocks have been deployed with RFID functionality. This means that with a quick service adjustment a business can switch to RFID badge authentication for their time tracking needs.

For Acumen customers that are using time clocks that did not deploy with RFID functionality, there is also a clear solution. RFID badge reader add-ons are compatible with almost every model of time clock that Acumen provides. Acumen’s time clock systems are flexible and inexpensive to upgrade. With our adaptable time clocks, we’re ready to implement a contactless solution now for a far lower cost than deploying new hardware. This makes an RFID badge reader add-on a cost-effective upgrade that will help keep your employees and customers safe.

Some time and attendance service providers might insist that in order to gain RFID functionality, entirely new time clocks must be put in place. But not Acumen. Our systems are flexible and ready to be adapted to meet your needs.

Making the switch to non-contact RFID is easy with Acumen.

Face recognition biometric time clocks may offer the best mix of safety and security for your workforce.

Typical biometric time clocks assure the greatest security for time and attendance, but require direct contact to operate. And typical non-contact time clocks provide an easy and sanitary option for workforce management, at the expense of the deployment of RFID badges.

But Acumen offers a time clock that is anything but typical. A time clock that combines the best features of biometric security with the non-contact operational ease of RFID.

Face recognition biometric time clocks offer the same benefits as your standard biometric or RFID time clock with none of the downsides. Just by standing ahead of the biometric scanner, an employee could be effortlessly clocked in or out. No contact necessary.

In some cases, facial recognition technology may even work while employees are wearing personal protective equipment. And because of the unmatched security of biometric employee authentication, there is no opportunity for buddy punching or time theft. These clocks incorporate the latest time and attendance technology and support advanced features for traditional and non-contact clocking.

These feature-complete time clocks have the tools necessary to keep your employees safe and accounted for.

Are face recognition time clocks the right fit for your business?

Biometric face recognition capability, unlike RFID technology, may require new hardware. It’s important to consider if this upgrade is right for your business.

Some firms will benefit more immediately, and at a lower initial expense, by switching their current Acumen time clocks to support RFID authorization. This option might be better for small and medium sized businesses, and especially those financially impacted by the pandemic.

However, for larger businesses with many employees, efficient and automated systems can often pay for themselves. Automation and efficiency drives return on investment. And we are looking towards a future where time clocks with face recognition biometric functionality may become the gold standard for workplace sanitation and security. If your firm was looking for new time and attendance equipment, then why not go with a powerful new option that is more efficient, more sanitary, and more secure than any other system?

There is no better time to invest your capital in a non-contact biometric time clock. It’s a benefit for your firms efficiency and more importantly the well-being of your employees.

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