Weighted Overtime to Ensure Regulatory Compliance

For Employees that Work Differentials or Earn More than One Wage, Use Weighted Overtime to Ensure Regulatory Compliance The federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requires employers who have hourly employees that earn more than one standard wage to implement weighted overtime for when employees work more than 40 hours. Weighted overtime is an average of

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Integrated Scheduling and Time & Attendance

Premier Human Services, Inc. Case Study Premier Human Services, Inc. is a multi-service organization that provides residential services, independent living supports, and guardianship services for people with intellectual and other related developmental disabilities. These program models provide a continuum of services and accommodate a wide range of support needs including services designed to support people who

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Time & Attendance Software vs. Scheduling Software

Acumen's employee time and attendance software, ClockVIEW, is extremely feature-rich and includes basic employee scheduling. But if you require additional functionality, such as schedule rotation or creating minor rules, you need to upgrade to Acumen's employee scheduling software, ShiftVIEW. Today, we're going to discuss the differences in employee scheduling capabilities between Acumen's employee time and attendance software, LaborVIEW,

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How to Budget a Time & Attendance System

Planning and budgeting-out a time and attendance system - even for small and mid-sized companies - can sometimes take months and an entire team, depending on requirements and goals. Equipped with the right information, however, even the most complex roll-outs can be managed with confidence by your team. This white paper will help you identify important

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