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Feature-rich and cost effective, Acumen’s employee scheduling software, ShiftVIEW, allows you to create and edit employees’ schedules quickly and easily. ShiftVIEW comes complete with features you won‘t find in other employee scheduling software, including unique features for businesses with minor employees and businesses that require employees with certifications or degrees to cover certain shifts.


With Acumen’s employee scheduling software, you can automate your scheduling process, set a default schedule, create standard schedules, incorporate schedule rotation, and much more.

Employee Scheduling Software: Key Features

  • Dashboard Showing Resource Utilization & More
  • Quickly & Easily Create Employee Schedules
  • [Drag & Drop Graphical Schedule Bars to Move Preferences
  • Create Groups, Departments, & Positions
  • Automatically Identify & Create Rules for Minors
  • Set Seniority, Pay Rate, Manager, & More
  • Easy Schedule Printing
  • Create Default Schedule & Standard Schedules
  • Automate Scheduling / Use Schedule Rotation
  • Set Certifications & Create Rules for Coverage
  • Track Budget Hours & Forecast Schedules & Cost
  • Reports Help Reduce Pay Costs per Shift

Automate Employee Scheduling

ShiftVIEW allows you to create employee schedules extremely quickly by creating default schedules and schedule templates.  You can even automate the process entirely for employees with set schedules or employees with rotating schedules.

Schedule Preferences

Employees can set schedule preferences to let you know availability and preferences. You can then set their schedule to their preferred schedule with the click of a mouse. If necessary, by dragging-and-dropping the bar representing an employee’s schedule, you can edit schedule preferences in the most intuitive way imaginable.

Establish Skills & Certifications to Ensure Proper Coverage

With Acumen’s employee scheduling software, you can establish skills and certifications for your employees and create rules governing how you schedule. If a surgery requires a specific type of surgeon and four nurses, for example, you can create a rule to ensure proper coverage. This distinction can just as easily be applied to management: if two managers are required during lunch shifts at a restaurant, you can create a rule to make sure you've got the right people on the job at the right time. You can also quickly and easily set seniority for employees.

Manage Employee Personal Information

Quickly and easily manage your employee’s personal information, including department, group, position, pay rate, manager, benefits, default schedule, exception schedules, and more.