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Right person. Right place. Right time.

ShiftVIEW manages complicated shifts with flexibility—reducing administrative costs and increasing profitability by using automation found in Acumen's employee scheduling software. Automated scheduling comprising simple rosters, certifications, preferences, rotations and demand-based scheduling. And it’s easy-to-view, so you can edit and print schedules from the roster on the home page. No more time-consuming manual entry.

Schedule by Skillset

ShiftVIEW allows for an endless variety of schedule rotations—for today’s employees who might work one schedule one week and another schedule the next week. Control by organization, department, team, or shift, showing the skills of each group member. Create certifications to identify employees with special abilities, and create rules to govern them. For example, a hospital may need to schedule a certain number of doctors for a given shift.

Preference-Based Scheduling

Create schedules based on employee preferences quickly and easily. Drag-and-drop the graphical bar representing the schedule to move the schedule in the most intuitive way imaginable. Get control of how productive your workforce is and have the information to make swift corrections when needed.

Complex Made Simple

No hassles when you develop complex standard shifts. You’ll have the flexibility to manage flex-time shifts, alternate shifts, and all the work rules you want. Allows any variety of shift patterns including a calculations page for more complex work rules to be added.

Flexible Work Rules

Work rules for entire groups of employees or individuals. ShiftVIEW allows you to enable each day within each roster to have a different shift schedule. It also tracks regulatory requirements of federal, state, and local jurisdictions, and alerts you when shifts violate compliance. Auto-updating as regulations change.

Alert Managers

Planned or unplanned absences? No problem. You can plan for replacements before productivity is affected. A planner allows for “rule definitions” to be set in the schedule. If parameters are not met, the user is automatically alerted. Shift management tools allow employees to make requests for time off and shift swaps, and managers to approve or deny them, directly through the system.

Demand-Based Scheduling

By analyzing historical coverage requirements (or entering coverage requirements manually), ShiftVIEW allows you auto-fill schedules based on demand. It takes schedule preferences, minor rules, and certifications into consideration to optimize schedules, ensure proper coverage, and improve employee morale.

Shift Cost Forecasting & Optimization

With ShiftVIEW, you can track the cost of labor over time and forecast the cost of your schedules. Enabling you to optimize processes, plan optimal coverage, and minimize labor costs.

Minor Employee Management

Extensive rules for minor employees ensure you don’t surpass permissible hours worked each week or the latest time allowed by law. A special calendar enables you to denote which days are school days - which are governed by specific rules by law.

At-a-Glance Dashboard Graphs

• Resource View by Period
• Schedule View by Period
• Day Resource Utilization by Position
• Alphabetical Hourly View by Day
• Hourly View by Time per Day

Employee Scheduling Self-Service

With ShiftVIEW you set permissions by department, group, position, or employee to customize the employee experience and determine exactly what information employees can view and edit. Our web-based dashboard allows them to view schedules, specify preferred schedules, manage certifications, and more.

Employee Scheduling Software Integration

The ultimate in flexibility, ShiftVIEW is a standalone or bundled with Acumen's other workforce management and employee software. All systems share the same database when bundled with other ViewSUITE applications. Best of all, it integrates with most systems, including time and attendance, ERP, POS, and production systems.

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