The Advantages of Biometric Employee Time and Attendance Systems

Preventing Employee Time Theft

Biometric systems work by recognizing an individual’s unique physiological traits. There are many advantages to using biometric technology for employee time management, and biometric time clocks are becoming increasingly popular because of their improved security. Particularly, because biometric systems read a person’s unique fingerprint, hand shape, iris, or face shape, these systems ensure that employees cannot clock in or out for one another, preventing time theft. 

One of the most prevalent biometric technologies is the fingerprint recognition system. With these systems, you simply place your finger on the scanner, get recognized by the system, and clock in or out in a matter of seconds. From the employee’s perspective these systems work with the press of a finger, but inside the system there are several safeguards to ensure that both the business and the employee remain secure. You can learn about fingerprint biometric time clocks in more detail here. 

More than Fingerprints

Biometric terminals are not limited to just fingerprints, however. A different type of biometric time clock that Acumen supports recognizes a user by their hand shape and size. Rather than scanning the hand to create a three-dimensional image, this system works with a different process. When an employee is initially enrolled with the system, the clock finds unique aspects of the employee’s hand called minutia points. The system then measures the distances between these unique points and digitizes this measurement. Then, the system hashes the measurement to create a single secure value that is anonymized and saved in the system for verification. This process is far better for security and privacy than outdated traditional systems where pictures and scans of employee’s hands are collected for verification. 

Fingers and hands are not the only options, either. Some biometric terminals scan an individual’s iris to clock them in or verify an image of an employee’s unique face shape to allow that user access to features on the terminal. There are many secure options for accessing biometric systems. 

One of the newest options for biometric employee time management comes from a new type of biometric measurement system. These new biometric systems recognize individuals by finding the unique patterns that veins make in a person’s hand. These patterns are even more intricate and complex than the characteristics of an iris or a fingerprint, making this new biometric technology even more secure. 

The Benefits of Biometrics

Biometric employee time management solutions are on the rise for many reasons; these specialized technologies help manage access, eliminate time theft, improve business security, and make clocking in fast and efficient. If you value security, ease of use, and flexibility, a biometric time and attendance system might be the right fit for your business. 


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