The Best Employee Time Clock by customers across the industries we serve is the GT550. We designed the GT550 to be the best employee time clock, but never expected to actually be identified as the Best Employee Time Clock!

Acumen is a time and attendance system provider that integrates many different time clocks. Acumen typically shows clients a number of time clocks to choose from. We know many of our clients thought it was the best employee time clock just by the way their eyes popped when we plugged it in.

Best Employee Time Clock: Acumen GT550

Acumen GT550 time clockSince we are considered to have Best Employee Time Clock by our customers, we feel like we won bragging rights. Let’s dive into some features and see why the GT550 its the Best Employee Time Clock.

Our partners and customers think the GT550 is the best time clock. The most cited reason for thinking it is the best is the design, second is functionality. Functionality is the reason we think it is the best employee time clock.

The GT550 has several unique employee self-service features that you won’t find elsewhere. Using the large touchscreen the employees can request days off, check whether the time off has been approved, view how many hours they’ve worked, view their last activity, and view their current department, job, and task.

One cool feature that helped the GT550 be the Best Employee Time Clock is the camera capability. If an employee hasn’t been entered into the system yet, they can quickly and easily take a quick pic of themselves – right from the terminal. It also serves as a backup to a failed reader of badges or biometric fingerprints.

Another reason Best Time and Attendance awarded the GT550 Best Employee Time Clock is the ease of integration. With its plug-and-play capability, we’re sure you’re beginning to see why the GT550 is the best employee time clock.

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