What Features Should Your Time Tracking Software Have?

In any business, it’s absolutely essential to carefully track time. But is your time tracking software solution giving you all of the features you need to optimize your workforce?

In a recent article Christopher Pappas of the site eLearning Industry outlined what the most must-have features and benefits of time tracking software are. It might be time to take a moment to see if your software goes above and beyond, or barely handles the basics.

The Vital Features of Time Tracking

Recording Payroll Hours

The most basic element of time tracking software is recording hours for employee payroll. It accounts for employee’s work, as well and makes scheduling and time card tracking simple, transparent, and easy. All of this ensures you have an accurate count of the hours that are spent on any assignment.

Projecting Workloads and Timelines

With advanced time tracking software, your supervisors and employees can see how much time is being spent on each job and task. Knowing how much time it takes to finish certain types of work allows you to accurately estimate future work, and make realistic timelines to set expectations for customers and employees.

Managing Complex Projects

Correctly managing complicated projects that involve a lot of employee coordination can be difficult. However, with capable time tracking software, project management is made easier. Great time tracking software gives empoyees the ability to provide status updates and change task logging throughout a shift. This ensures their work is tracked as it is completed, which is essential for collaborative efforts with other employees and teams. Tracking hours, knowing expected timelines, and monitoring how tasks are progressing all give a project manager a clear picture of even the most complicated projects, making this an essential feature.


Is Your Time Tracking Solution Keeping Up?

The principle features mentioned here are the essentials for time tracking software, but this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Many employers use solutions that only handle the most primitive hour logging, and lack tools to monitor expended time, or display task tracking information as it is logged. These essential features, and many more, are covered in further detail in this eLearning Industry article, which has tons of great information explaining the role of time tracking software.

If you’ve found that your current timekeeping solution is not giving you the tools to run your business better, it might be time to invest in a feature-complete time and attendance system with powerful time tracking options.