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Cloud or on-premises. ROI within months, not years.

Our fully integrated Time and Attendance and Workforce Management software reduces costs, increase efficiencies, and automate your multiple processes. ViewSUITE is Acumen’s total solution for workforce management and business automation. It’s robust and cost effective, comprehensive and customizable, in the cloud or on-premises, enabling a complete return on investment within months, not years. That’s because we offer a full cross product and platform integration. We design our software solutions in combinations to fit your unique business needs.

Acumen's Workforce management software integration

Real-Time Workforce Management. Web, Mobile, Biometric.

  • Employee Time & Attendance
  • Employee Scheduling
  • HR Management
  • Employee Self-Service
  • Facility Access Control
  • Shop Floor Data Collection & Automation
  • Job Costing
  • Job Tracking
  • Production Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Assembly & Packaging Automation
  • Data Collection
  • Data Replication
  • Field Service

With ViewSUITE, you are empowered with the ability to completely integrate all of your business systems, from employee time and attendance to shop floor automation. Acumen’s workforce management and business automation software is interoperable with nearly any hardware - such as employee time clocks, access control systems, mobile devices, scanners, and cameras - as well as any other system, such as payroll systems, ERP systems, and other business software.

Employee Time & Attendance Software & Systems: ClockVIEW

clockviewA powerful and cost effective employee time and attendance software application, ClockVIEW enables you to customize nearly every feature and report while offering easy integration with existing software and hardware. With ClockVIEW, you will simplify employee labor tracking and save on labor time by introducing automation and eliminating employee overpayment.

Not only is Acumen’s time and attendance software feature-rich and flexible, it also helps facilitate regulatory compliance. Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI, HIPAA, FairPay Rules, and several other regulatory mandates are satisfied with ClockVIEW. Better yet, Acumen’s employee time and attendance software includes a convenient Auditor Report button for quick and easy auditor reporting.Basic employee scheduling is also included in ClockVIEW.

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Employee Scheduling Software: ShiftVIEW

shiftviewEnabling easy and accurate employee scheduling and reporting, ShiftVIEW helps you reduce labor costs by creating reports for a given shift. Create default schedules, implement schedule rotations, and ensure proper shift coverage with Acumen’s employee scheduling software.

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Absence & Leave Management Software: LeaveVIEW

leaveviewLeaveVIEW is a powerful, robust, and cost effective employee leave / absent tracking software application featuring complete customizability and easy integration with legacy systems. Simplify employee leave tracking and save via automation and elimination of incorrect payment with LeaveVIEW. LeaveVIEW is a derivative of LaborVIEW.

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Facility Access Control Software & Systems: EntryVIEW

entry-viewSecure your facilities with Acumen’s facility access control systems and software. Quickly and easily create rules to allow or restrict employees from specific buildings, zones, or rooms. EntryVIEW can create several reports based on access by employee or events such as forced entry.

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Shop Floor Data Collection & Automation Software: JobVIEW

jobviewJobVIEW shop floor data collection software is a complete solution to automate all of your manufacturing processes. Fast and reliable, JobVIEW integrates with manufacturing systems, ERP systems, payroll systems, employee time and attendance systems, and other systems to provide a seamless business automation system.

Data Collection Software: GetDATA

getdataGetDATA is a Windows-driven data collection software application that helps integrate and synchronize your systems’ data. Combined with any of Acumen’s solutions, GetDATA will synchronize data between any fixed or mobile devices and the software.

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Data Replication Software: PutDATA

putdataPutDATA is a Windows-driven data replication software application that helps integrate and synchronize your systems’ data. Combined with any of Acumen’s solutions, PutDATA will synchronize data between any database-driven software application - reducing data entry redundancy and synchronizing systems including employee time and attendance, payroll, ERP, manufacturing, and much more.

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