Know Who’s Working, When, and Where with Time Clocks and Data Collection Devices from Acumen

The Acumen hardware suite provides purpose-built solutions for your industry and your employees. From time clocks, to proximity readers, to real-time mobile data collection devices. Clocks ranging from the latest in biometrics to swipe and proximity badges and PIN-based solutions.

Our range of data collection devices includes many terminals, mobile apps for smart phones and tablets, web-based time clocks, and even interactive voice response through telephones.

Acumen offers hardware solutions to meet any need.

Find these distinct advantages to data collection with Acumen’s hardware:

  • Streamlined and seamlessly integrated employee time collection.
  • Collect time from anywhere- web browsers, mobile devices, or a time clocks.
  • Purpose built hardware meant to last.
  • Integrative designs from the ground up.
  • Singularly effective implementation methods.
  • On-premise or cloud flexibility and accessibility.

Finding the Right Data Collection Devices for your Business

Automated Networked Timeclocks

Modern timekeeping and data collection systems automate and integrate the functions you and your employees need to get the job done. They allow for advanced functionality and secure protection against misuse like buddy-punching.

Networked Timeclocks 

Networked timeclocks use serial, ethernet, and other types of networked communications to synchronize data between time and attendance software and one or more timeclocks. 

Networked timeclocks typically offer several more advanced options for clocking, including: 

  • PIN 
  • Magnetic Stripe Badges 
  • Barcode Badges 
  • Proximity Badges 
  • Hand Geometry Biometrics 
  • Fingerprint Biometrics 
  • Facial Recognition Biometrics 
  • Iris Biometrics 

One of the goals inherent to networked time and attendance systems is to inhibit buddy punching- with one employee clocking another employee in or out to receive undeserved pay. Instead of using paper time cards, which any employee could easily punch for another employee, most networked timeclock deployments require input from the employee that is unique to that employee such as a PIN or that employee’s biometrics. 

Networked timeclocks are ideal for managing larger workforces, implementing advanced time and attendance rules, adding benefit accruals to the employee timekeeping process, and achieving other advanced time and attendance functionality that automates processes and eliminates payroll errors. 

Biometric Timeclocks 

Almost invariably networked, biometric timeclocks require unique, personally-identifying input from the employee that prevents buddy punching outright. By requiring biometric data such as a finger scan or face scan, for instance, biometric timeclocks help you achieve the best return on investment for any time and attendance system rollout. 

Implementation simplification and a significant drop in cost have made biometric timeclocks ideal for any sized company looking to eliminate buddy punching and achieve highly accurate timekeeping. 

touchscreen biometric time clock

Acumen has a wide selection of modern data collection options, including touchscreen and biometric time clocks.

Timeclock-Free Implementations

There are also options for data collection that use more widely available hardware to communicate with workforce management software, such as web-based clocks, or time clock applications accessed on cellphones and tablets. These systems still implement best practices, hold employees accountable for their time, and ensure accurate recordkeeping. 

Web-Based Clocking 

Many time and attendance software developers offer web-based or software-based employee clocking to eliminate the need for timeclocks altogether. 

Depending on the application and company need, sometimes a kiosk is used at a central location or entryway to serve as a surrogate timeclock. Other times, when appropriate, employees are permitted to clock in and out directly from their computers. 

Web-based clocking can also support advanced implementations such as mobile time and attendance. Acumen’s time and attendance software, for instance, supports smartphones for real-time web-based employee clocking. 

Mobile Application Clocking 

Telephony and IVR systems can also be synchronized with time and attendance software for reliable and automated time and attendance for mobile workforces. With an IVR time and attendance system, any mobile phone or touchtone telephone can be used for time and attendance. 

These applications for time and attendance systems can incorporate complex menu systems to offer a number of employee self-service and supervisor-level system management functions, as well.

Selecting the Best Data Collection for Your Company

Since every company has unique requirements, the first step in any selection process is to evaluate the solutions you have in place now, set goals for the new system, explore concerns, and make  purchase considerations with professional guidance. 

With a thorough understanding of common timeclocks and integration options, the next step is to examine the features, planning considerations, and other purchase criteria to select the best timeclock to meet the needs of your company. 

Experts in Timekeeping and Employee Scheduling

Acumen Data Systems is a leading provider of time clock and employee scheduling software. We help organizations manage their most valuable resources, the human kind. Acumen offers robust solutions for time and attendance, scheduling and leave management. 

We believe that technology is just one quarter of the workforce management pie. Employees, policy, and the environment are just as important. 

Do you have questions about Acumen’s data collection solutions? 

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