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Purpose-built. Integrative. Singularly effective.

The Acumen hardware collection provides purpose-built solutions for your industry, your employee. From time clocks to proximity readers to real-time mobile data collection devices.

Clocks ranging from the latest in biometrics to swipe and proximity badges to PIN-based.

Data collection devices including terminals, mobile apps for smart phones/tablets, web-based time clocks, and interactive voice response through the good, old telephone. Remember those?

Cloud or on-premise.

Acumen biometric time clock

Biometric time clocks

Biometric time clocks are physical purpose built for time and data collection using the employee’s finger image to quickly identify or verify. Verify is the method of entering a credential via PIN or badge and scan the finger. Identify is the method to scan and identify one against many. Identify databases are limited in comparison to verify.
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ClockVIEW Mobile App

Acumen’s ClockVIEW mobile APP allows employee’s to use phones, tablets and any smart device that supports the Android or iOS operating systems. The APP is simple and easy to use. The ClockVIEW mobile time and attendance APP is integrated with ClockVIEW Cloud or Customer-Hosted in real time. In the event Wifi or cellular data connectivity is not available the ClockVIEW APP takes advantage of the device memory and stores transactions to send to the host when connectivity is established.
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IVR timeclocks

IVR Time Clock

IVR Time Clocks use a telephone to dial a number when answered prompts the employee to Clock IN or OUT. Caller ID can be verified to be sure the employee is calling from the location desired.
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Web Clock

Web-based PC Time Clocks

Web-based PC time clocks are general purpose built for using the computer or tablet connected to the main database for emulating the physical time clock functions. Web-Based PC time clocks need to be connected to function. Physical time clocks can run independently of connectivity.
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Badge Time Clocks

Badge Time Clocks

Badge time clocks are physical purpose built for time and data collection using a credential that is a badge or tag. The badge can have a bar code, magnetic strip or RFID chip. Tags typically are RFID chip based. The employee presses a button with IN, OUT, BREAK or Self Service and swipes or presents the credential to the clock.
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