Badge Time Clocks in time and attendance solutions are fast, efficient and affordable. A long time standard, they are the best experience for employees if you are looking for efficient ways to keep track hours to payroll.

Badges Save You Time and Money

With bar code, magnetic strip or proximity (RFID) reading in less than a second, employees clock in and clock out much faster, saving you big money by paying for the exact time worked. No more guesstimates.

Badges verses PIN

Badges quickly and accurately identify the employee and reduces transaction time at the clock. PIN entry requires the employee to enter each number and hit enter. In the time it takes to enter one number the badge type transaction could be completed. PIN entry is a good backup method in the event someone forgets their badge. Many companies will force the employee to seek a supervisor to PIN enter which becomes a deterrent for they are not on the clock while seeking the supervisor.


Acumen Model 101

Acumen Data Systems Model-101 Time Clock The Model-101 time clock is simple and easy to setup and use. It comes preconfigured with all the functions needed to collect employee time ...
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Acumen GT 350 Time Clock

Acumen's GT350 employee time clock is ideal for time and attendance and facility access control. Acumen's GT350 is a highly customizable terminal that is easy to integrate into any workforce ...
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Acumen GT550 Touchscreen Employee Time Clock

Acumen GT550 Touchscreen Employee Time Clock Acumen's breathtaking GT550 touchscreen employee time clock is ideal for time and attendance and access control applications. Proximity and swipe clocking come standard with ...
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Acumen GT 10

GT10 series is innovative versatile time clocks which combine a highly durable yet elegant casing with a variety of identification methods from bar code cards, magnetic stripe cards, RFID/proximity cards ...
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