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Real Time and Attendance

Track time from mobile apps for smartphones, biometric time clocks, web-based time clocks and interactive voice response via plain old telephone.

Manage your employees time and policies with easy-to-configure, rules-driven software. Best of all—our software fully integrates with every payroll system, HR, ERP or in-house system.

Acumen’s Time and Attendance software features 75-plus reports that provide you with thorough insight into your workforce’s labor. You’ll be able to quickly spot missing and off-time punches, recurring tardiness, employees approaching overtime, and much more.

  • Employee Benefits Report
  • Monthly Overview Report
  • Approaching Overtime Report
  • Group Report
  • Department Report
  • Group Report
  • Pay Categories Report
  • Missing Punch Report
  • Many More

  • Timecard Report
  • Timecard Totals Report
  • Break Time Report
  • Project Time Report
  • Report for Supervisors’ Approval of Employee Punches
  • Excused Time Report
  • Hours Analysis Report
  • Pay Rules Report
  • Attendance Calendar Report

You can also create customized reports based on any data collected in the system. Save reports as PDF or export them as CSV for Excel.

Audit Trail

Better yet, Acumen’s time and attendance software features a complete Audit Trail to help facilitate regulatory compliance and ensure the integrity of your systems. Any change to the system is tracked, and multiple forms of data are collected about the change.

  • Who Made Change to System
  • When Change was Made
  • IP Address Used to Make Change
  • Value of Original Setting Prior to Change
  • Value of New Setting Made at Change
  • Regulatory Compliance

By ensuring reliable systems, historical records, and indisputable accountability, ClockVIEW helps facilitate regulatory compliance with mandates including Sarbanes-Oxley, FLSA, HIPAA, FairPay Rules, and more. Learn more about how Acumen’s employee time and attendance systems help you address regulatory concerns.


This product is easy to use and the staff really like the app.

– Dianne Hamilton

Vice President of Finance 

Nupath Inc



Cooperative for Human Services rates ClockVIEW 5 out of 5 stars and would recommend this product.

-Rebecca Sarvela

Director of Human Resources & Quality Assurance

Cooperative for Human Services

  Spangler Candy

Spangler Candy rates CLockVIEW 4 out of 5 stars, and would recommend the product.

– Ed Koch

MIS Director

Spangler Candy Company

  AB Care, Inc.

AB Care, Inc rates ClockVIEW 4 out of 5 stars, and would recommend the product. He said “I have appreciated the support I’ve received when requested.”

– Alan Gugel

Business Manager

AB Care/St. Joseph Center

  Seabreeze Amusement Park

Seabreeze Park has had 500 summer employees on Acumen’s hosted service. Acumen’s developers, working closely with our Tech Department and end users, have deployed a timekeeping application that runs on Cloud and Mobile. This application is ideally suited to recording employee time in situations where the standard fixed location timeclock, or even a computer to punch in/out on, are not practical. Punches are entered directly by the supervisor, eliminating the need for verification of punches at the end of the day.

We use WebClock, ClockView, and the Mobile application to perform wireless clock in/out transactions, log and monitor employee hours, and ultimately interface with our payroll package, Sage Abra.

The user interface is easy to use, which means minimal training time. The software has significantly reduced the amount of time our managers spend tracking employee hours, allowing them to focus on managing and improving customer service. Acumen performs routine updates and maintenance on their servers with little downtime. Furthermore, they continue to upgrade the software with new feature enhancements. Acumen has responded to our requests for changes – especially for features that will benefit their customer base.

Responsive customer service by phone and email keep us up to date, and provide a sense of security and trust in the products they sell. We are looking forward to exploring new uses for the timekeeping system (such as automatic scheduling), and our continued relationship with Acumen Data Systems.

George Norris

Vice President,

Seabreeze Amusement Park

  Certified Aviation

CAS is new to the Clockview system and still working to use all of the aspects of it but the customer service provided by Acumen has been very attentive to our needs and requests. I have no doubt that this system will perform beyond expectations.

– Brad Cary

Manager Operations Process / Billing Analyst

Certified Aviation Services

  Fusion Inc.

Fusion Inc strongly recommends Acumen Data Systems’ product and rates it 5 out of 5 stars.

– Tommy Wade

IT Service

Fusion Incorporated

  Scotty’s Preschool

We have been using Acumen since July 2017. It was an amazingly easy system to set up and use. The support through set up and implementation was proactive and professional. The system has been working flawlessly since we got it up and running. The system and the reports are easy to use. Today the clock went down and we had to contact Acumen. our call was answered on the first ring and the tech, Marissa Swols, assured me that she would have me up and running again as soon as she could. She had me try some resets that didn’t solve the problem so she said she would have to do some things on her end to fix the problem. I expressed my concern that I couldn’t be down for a long period of time and she assured me that she would make it a priority and be back to me soon. I asked if soon meant hours or days. She professionally assured me it shouldn’t take more than an hour or so. In about exactly and hour she was back on the phone with me and had two other tech persons in on the conference call. After checking out my computer network, adjusting the connection link to their server and resetting my clcok from their end we were up and running – in less than 15 minutes. Wow! Acumen staff really know their stuff and prove their claim that every customer is important. customer service is as good as they claimed in their presentation to me back in July 2017. Thank you again!!!

– Michael Lanz


Scotty’s Kiddy Korner Preschool


  Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University rates CLockVIEW 5 out of 5 stars, and would strongly recommend the product.  “We like many things about the product and we have been very happy with the product as well as working with the company.”

– Jeremy Smith

System Administrator

Carnegie Mellon University

  County of Chuemung, NY

Our county has over 1000 employees. We have 7 bargaining units with all kinds of crazy rules, most of which are unique to each unit. Acumen tirelessly worked with us to modify their software to handle the unique rules. We have been with Acumen for over 7 years now. Excellent support. Wonderful product. Thanks Acumen!

– Tom Drum

Director Of IT

County of Chemung, NY

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