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Real Time. Real Simple. Real Return on Investment.

With ClockVIEW time and attendance software—you can track time from mobile apps for smart phones, biometric time clocks, web-based time clocks and interactive voice response via plain old telephone.

Manage your employees time and policies with easy-to-configure, rules-driven software. Best of all—our software fully integrates with every payroll system, HR, ERP or in-house system.

Eliminate the Guesswork

Effectively know who is doing what, when, and why. Eliminate the guesswork and redundant data entry. Synchronize your databases using our time and attendance software, ClockVIEW. It lets you manage your true costs with flexible pay rules that you determine. And there’s easier than ever Timecard or Time Slip forms for employees, supervisors and administrators. With HR management and employee self-service capabilities.

Exceptions with Ease

Maintaining compliance and payroll accuracy has never been easier: exceptions, early/late arrivals, absences, long or missed breaks, overtime, or missed punches.

Improve Your Bottom Line

Error correction, tax penalties, and even legal disputes--they all cost time and money. It’s labor-intensive, error-prone and costly. Why not achieve a return on investment within a few months rather years? With automation and accuracy, ClockView cuts across your business with solutions, from eliminating buddy punching, time theft, and changing employee behavior around the clock.

Feature-Rich and Flexible

Our software is entirely scalable which means no more end-of-life calls to support your software. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model or licensed for use on your internal systems. You can manage the most complex union time and attendance requirements and incorporate shift bidding and briefing pay. Even better, you can rename all fields and labels to ensure the terminology matches your company’s conventions. Foreign languages and special characters are also supported for any renamed fields.

Dashboards Mean Real-time Insight

For administrators, supervisors, and employees, dashboards provide real-time insight into your workforce. Red, yellow, and green icons help you see who is out-of-office, on-break, and clocked-in, respectively. A centralized management console that you can customize by group, department, position, employee, and more. That way, each employee will view only the appropriate information.

A Solution That Doesn’t Box You In

Best of all: you can add fields for demographic information that you consider important. And no more pre-configuration hassles. If you want a particular field for something tracked, you add it yourself, quickly and easily. Set read / write permissions by department, group, position, and employee for the ultimate in flexibility. Event mangers, employee messaging, SMS to mobile phones.

PIN Entry, Biometric, Card Swipe

All of our time clocks offer a biometric option, PIN access or card swipe. Internet-based (http) terminals don’t require local software to communicate with the SaaS / Cloud or local environment. And all clocks store and forward transactions. Purpose built and available 100% of the time.

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