Increase Productivity and Cash Flow, All the Time

ServiceVIEW ensures that everyone in the organization – from mobile workers to management – have the most accurate and timely information available to make more informed decisions, respond faster to customers and drive higher productivity from the field. Assign jobs to your employees with just a few clicks and send those assignments to your guys in the field. Automatically and instantly update employees’ agendas, with job detail smartphone alerts, contact information, even driving directions on Google Maps. Real-time information gets real-fast results.

Field Service WorkerOur Mobile App for Android, IOS, or Windows Mobile provide accurate, real-time information across the entire service chain – from home office to front door.
Acumen is the trusted name in automation, with most affordable systems implemented than anyone else. Our solutions free up mobile workers to do what they do best – service the customer.

Right off Google Play or Apple AppStore, Acumen's products are ready to keep field technicians connected to the enterprise and accelerate the flow of business critical information across their entire service chain. ServiceVIEW Suite delivers the accurate, timely information that today's dynamic companies need to make informed decisions and respond faster to customers. Acumen's mobile and Cloud or Customer Hosted computing solutions provide easy-to-use, reliable work order management for any workforce, whether on-call or scheduled far in advance.

Acumen customers know that delivering service to their customers is easy with Cloud or Self Hosted administrative software, Mobile Apps with signature capture and mega-pixel photos all in the same device, all seamlessly connected to the back office. Accounts receivable cycles are accelerated with onsite collection and on-the-spot receipt printing.

Dynamic real-time management via location and status tracking of field workers is essential for service organizations to respond to customer orders on the fly, or to quickly navigate capacity and resource issues. Acumen's Mobil Apps support, scanners, wireless networks, and RFID systems that immediately improve the way service management systems keeps track of inventory, equipment and resources during the installation, repair or refurbishment process. Even in fast-paced environments, Acumen's products provide easy-to-use solutions that require minimal training and put service orders and work instructions at worker's fingertips.

Acumen products are used in a wide range of Work Order Management applications, including:

• Field Service
• Shop Floor Data Collection
• Supply Chain Management
• Workforce Automation