Labor Management Has Never Been Easier2017-05-12T09:09:56+00:00

ClockVIEW is an exclusive time and labor management software product that goes a step beyond time and attendance. Labor Time Tracking beyond department transfers, tasks, multiple labor levels, jobs and projects in one labor management application. It contains more management features and employee self-service capabilities, which allows total management control. In one centralized workforce management and labor management solution.

All the Labor Time Tracking Features at a Fraction of the Cost

ClockVIEW contains most any employee management feature you want, as well as employee self-service capabilities. Providing one centralized labor management and time and attendance solution. Best of all, it comes at a price that won’t break your bank.

Real-Time Insight When You Need It

ClockVIEW provides real-time insight into your workforce. Red, yellow, and green icons enable supervisors to see who is on indirect or direct tasks.

  • snipimage-e1424368355120User configurable multi-level tasks
  • User configurable projects
  • Extensive labor / task reporting
  • Extensive project reporting
  • Easy labor time entry
  • WebCLOCK
  • Smart Phone App
  • IVR
  • Easy entry and approval - time and labor is always synchronized
  • Time and attendance and labor on one timecard
  • Project timecard for allocation of time and attendance
  • Dashboards That Makes Sense

    • Adjustable Refresh Rate (Real-Time Capability)
    • Employee Clocking Info (In, Out, on Break)
    • Group & Department
    • View Supervisor's Approval of Employee Time
    • Email or IM Employee
    • Graphs Showing Employees In Vs. Out, on-Project, or on-Break
    • Recent Activity (Reports & Payroll Exports)
    • Search Function, Filters, & Sort Options
    • View Timecard by Double-Clicking Employee Name

    ClockVIEW’s dashboards don’t confuse whoever uses them—whether administrators, supervisors, or employees. Intuitive. Precise. Comprehensive. Your administrators become super users who create pared-down versions of the dashboard for each supervisor, at the roll of the mouse.

    That means real-time insight into your workforce. Red, yellow, and green icons enable supervisors to see who is out-of-office, on-break, and clocked-in, respectively.


    Easily Configurable Employee Interface

    Employees get a centralized management console that administrators customize by group, department, position, employee, and more. That way, each employee will view only the amount of information you consider appropriate.

    • Employee Clocking Info (In, Out, on Break)webclockonly1
    • Employee Self-Service Console
    • Time & Attendance Information
    • Time Off Request Management
    • Customize the Experience by Group, Department, Etc.

    It’s easy to control your employees' experience with the software. You can hide entire sections of the software or information as minute as one field. You set read / write permissions by department, group, position, and employee for the ultimate in flexibility.

    Every field and label in the software can be renamed to match the conventions used within your company. That way, if you call “Departments” something like “Business Units,” you tailor ClockVIEW to the existing terminology your company uses.

    Messaging Increases Productivity

    ClockVIEW supports email, SMS (text), time clock and web clock employee messaging. The supervisor dashboard allows you to email, text, or message-at-the-clock any employee with the click of your mouse. Your default email or text application will be used for messaging.

    Event Manager: Email Alerts

    Event Manager sends administrators, supervisors, and/or employees automatic emails when certain events occur. You can create email alerts for many pre-configured events:

    • Late / Missing Punchlv-event-mgr
    • Demerit Limit Exceeded
    • Extra Breaks
    • Time Off Requests
    • New / Activated Employees
    • Early Out Punch
    • Time Off Overage
    • Via email or SMS or mobile phones

    Employee Demographics

    Make it easy on yourself. ClockVIEW keeps track automatically. Employee demographic information like addresses and phone numbers has never been clearer. You choose whether your employees update their own information. All with reducing wasted time on data entry. You set exactly what information an employee sees and can edit - so you have peace of mind your systems are always secure.

    Best of all, if ClockVIEW doesn't come pre-configured with a field for something you want to track, you add it quickly and easily.

    Say No to Data Redundancy

    Too often companies have multiple databases that need to communicate with each other effectively but don’t. They need one solution, bringing the databases together under one umbrella. ClockVIEW does this and more. Redundant data entry is a problem of the past with ClockVIEW.