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Acumen's Time and Attendance software features 35 reports that provide you with thorough insight into your workforce's labor. You'll be able to quickly spot missing and off-time punches, recurring tardiness, employees approaching overtime, and much more.

  • Timecard Report
  • Timecard Totals Report
  • Break Time Report
  • Project Time Report
  • Report for Supervisors' Approval of Employee Punches
  • Excused Time Report
  • Hours Analysis Report
  • Pay Rules Report
  • Attendance Calendar Report
  • Monthly Overview Report
  • Approaching Overtime Report
  • Group Report
  • Department Report
  • Group Report
  • Pay Categories Report
  • Missing Punch Report
  • Many More
  • You can also create customized reports based on any data collected in the system. Save reports as PDF or export them as CSV for Excel.

Audit Trail

Better yet, Acumen's time and attendance software features a complete Audit Trail to help facilitate regulatory compliance and ensure the integrity of your systems. Any change to the system is tracked, and multiple forms of data are collected about the change.

  • Who Made Change to System
  • When Change was Made
  • IP Address Used to Make Change
  • Value of Original Setting Prior to Change
  • Value of New Setting Made at Change
  • Regulatory Compliance

By ensuring reliable systems, historical records, and indisputable accountability, LaborVIEW helps facilitate regulatory compliance with mandates including Sarbanes-Oxley, FLSA, HIPAA, FairPay Rules, and more. Learn more about how Acumen's employee time and attendance systems help you address regulatory concerns.