Employee Time Tracking Software and Employee Scheduling Software are Not the Same

Acumen’s employee time and attendance software, ClockVIEW, is powerful and feature-rich. It even includes basic employee scheduling. But if you need advanced scheduling features, like schedule rotation or creating shift rules, you’ll need to upgrade to Acumen’s employee scheduling software, ShiftVIEW.

Today, we’re going to discuss the differences in employee scheduling features between Acumen’s employee time and attendance software, ClockVIEW, and our add-on employee scheduling software module, ShiftVIEW.

Basic Employee Scheduling in Employee Time & Attendance Software

Acumen’s employee time and attendance software includes basic employee scheduling. You can quickly and easily create schedules for each of your employees and create default schedules as well. You can create an unlimited number of schedules to have a unique schedule for every employee if you want, or create schedules by department. You can quickly and easily copy last week’s schedule with just one click if you have employees whose schedules may change from week-to-week.

Our time and attendance software makes it easy to prevent scheduling conflicts, too. You can block out days off and prevent scheduling conflicts using a convenient calendar view.

You can review total number of hours worked by day by, employee, or department. And view break time just as easily. Schedules can be printed with the click of a button to post for your employees.

And you can instantly run a report on any schedules you’ve made to optimize coverage. Scheduling reports can be filtered by group, department, position, or employee for convenience. It is also easy to sort by department, group, position, or employee name.

All of these functions are included with basic employee scheduling in ClockVIEW.

Complete Employee Scheduling Software Provides the Best Employee Scheduling Functionality

ShiftVIEW gives you all of the functionality that is available in our employee time and attendance software, ClockVIEW, plus so much more. ShiftVIEW stands out in the field of employee scheduling software because of it’s wealth of features and options. ClockVIEW handles basic scheduling tasks. But for complete scheduling control and the most powerful features, ShiftVIEW is the software of choice.

ShiftVIEW Employee Scheduling Software

First, let’s cover the basic stuff. The dashboard gives you a snapshot of resource utilization by time and day. Your information can be viewed and organized in a number of ways:

  • Resource View by Period
  • Schedule View by Period
  • Daily Resource Utilization by Position
  • Alphabetical Hourly View by Day
  • Hourly View by Time per Day

ShiftVIEW gives you the power to move schedules just by dragging and dropping. You can quickly forecast schedules and see the associated costs. These features will optimize your scheduling and reduce your labor costs.

Acumen’s employee scheduling software also gives you the ability to automate schedules. You can create sets of rules that dictate shift coverage and manager scheduling. This means that you can automatically make new schedules that meet your needs. For a simple example, you can make sure there are always at least two managers working each shift for a store. Employee tracking and scheduling has never been easier.

ShiftVIEW also allows you to assign employees with certifications, and you can create rules based on those certifications. For example, a facility could use this feature to ensure that there are always at least two security guards scheduled for each day.

With ShiftVIEW, employees can even specify their schedule preferences. This allows you to assign them their preferred schedule with the click of a button.

You can instantly view how much each shift is costing you in terms of labor. This is huge when it comes to optimizing shifts and keeping labor costs down.

As in ClockVIEW, you have all of those great reporting capabilities, and then some. The dashboard offers additional insight into key areas that help you optimize your scheduling based on those reports and graphs.

As you can see, you can do a lot of things with ShiftVIEW that help you save money, which really helps drive that return on investment. For quick serve chains and other businesses with hourly employees, this is essential to driving-down costs. And as we’ve shown, any business can benefit greatly from the certification rules capability of Acumen’s employee scheduling software.

Acumen’s ShiftVIEW software makes advanced scheduling automatic and easy so your business can stay ahead of schedule.

Experts in Time Tracking and Employee Scheduling

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We believe that technology is but one quarter of the workforce management pie. Employees, policy and the environment are just as important. 

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