Facial Recognition Time Clocks are the Future.
Is your Business Ready for Touch-Free Biometrics?
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The Latest in Biometric Time Clocks

With a facial recognition time clock, employees no longer need to touch a finger print scanner to be identified.  Our time clock terminals make clocking in and clocking out a breeze.

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Introducing the Acumen 305 Data Collection Terminal & The 800 Dual Mode Biometric Terminal

Acumen Data Systems is ready for what’s to come with Acumen’s newest Dual Mode Biometric time clock terminal and Face and PIN code readers.  Our stand alone facial recognition time clocks are modern, accurate and affordable.

Key Features You Should Be Looking For
In Your Next Timekeeping System

Find A Timekeeping System
With Flexible Time Entry Methods

There is no one solution fits all when it comes to timekeeping.  Too many time clock applications, fall short when it comes to being able to collect employee time and attendance data because you need multiple collection sources.  As experts in time keeping, we understand that and offer the widest array of time collection methods of any time clock application in our price range.  ClockVIEW, our online time tracking solution is the central hub for time entry data collection independant of method.   And best of all, it’s customizable to your unique business rules.

What else should you be looking for?


ClockVIEW is the Timekeeping Application You’ve Been Looking For

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Customizable Employee
Time Tracking

You shouldn’t have to change the way your business runs for your time clock app, we make your timekeeping software work the way your business already functions.  Finding an online time and attendance software that can be fully customizable is key.  Setting up rules for overtime, clocking in and clocking out, pay rules and rates.  It’s all important and we are here to walk you thru it every step of the way.  With flexible time collections methods including webclock , mobile time clock, phone, and even traditional time card swipe clocks and biometric time clocks your employees time is always accurately recorded.

ClockVIEW is our complete time clock application software package with tons of standard features and the ability to customize for your specific needs.  Is there something unique about the way you need to do time tracking?  We have experts that understand what you need and can guide you to the best solutions.  FREE OF CHARGE.

Communication Is A Must

Communicating information to employees today can be critical.  Your time clock application should provide a one stop solution to communicate vital information via the time clocks themselves, mobile time entry, webclock portal, or via phone messages.  With ClockVIEW you can even send employees information about schedule changes, events and other messages via email and text alerts.


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Complex Pay Rules Management

The heart of any timekeeping or time clock application isn’t in its’ ability to record employee time.  Every one of them should be able to do that, it’s given.  The true test of whether or not a time and attendance software is going to work for your business is it’s ability to manage complex rules for hours, overtime, variable job rates, and other pay rules is what set Acumen’s ClockVIEW time clock software apart from all other timekeeping software.

With ClockVIEW you can even setup rules for reimbursable expenses.


Easy Manager Approvals

Keeping track of employee time cards, communicating with your employees, even managing and tracking labor are all the important features on the front end of your timekeeping solution, but what you do with that information is just as important.  Managers need to have quick and easy access to view employees time and process approvals for payment without the run around.  They also need the power to drill down and get specifics when necessary.  Our ClockVIEW time clock application offers both simple and detailed customizable time card management options, as well as, an API integration with leading payroll softwares and solutions.


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timekeeping report from time clock software

Reporting for Every Situation

What sets the professional time clock packages apart from the unusable apps is their ability to produce reports based on the employee time and attendance data.  A simple google spreadsheet can track time.  But with a truly powerful time keeping system you can gain valuable business insights into job costing, specific labor rates, travel times.  These metrics can be invaluable in determining if where you are making money and where your business is hemorrhaging.   ClockVIEW time clock software has some of the most robust time reporting functions in the industry, with over 75 standard reports and the ability to have us customize almost any sort of report imaginable, the possibilities are endless.  You can analyze your employees time and attendance, examine details for job and project specific tasks and create automated email reports both electronically and with customizable print and PDF output.


Increase Productivity with
Labor Management Tools

Your new time keeping software should be a tool that works for your business.  If you are making the investment in changing time clock systems, then make sure you get value out of the investment.  Software should increase productivity and save you money by making processes easier.  Never invest in software that makes tasks more complicated or confusing.  Employees and managers with both regret the decision.  With  ClockVIEW time clock software features both straight forward simple labor tracking, as well as multi-step hierarchal labor and job tracking methods that go beyond traditional department only, labor management and labor tracking.   These tools take time tracking to a whole new level and make job costing and client based billing a snap.


To Learn More About If ClockVIEW is the Right Solution for Your Time Keeping Needs

ClockVIEW Time Clock Software

ClockVIEW has more standard timekeeping features than more online time clock softwares have in their most advanced versions.  And ClockVIEW can be customized to meet your specific business needs.  Our time tracking experts can help you determine the best solutions for your timekeeping needs and point you to the features below that will make your online time clock perfect for your business.  Our timekeeping experts are here to help you find the best solution, we will never hard sell you.  That’s our promise.

timekeeping report from time clock software
Standard Features Unlimited Customization
Web Based Web Clock Advanced Supervisory Functionality
SaaS/Cloud Time Clocks Advanced Administrative Functionality
Company Mobile Benefits/Banks/Time Off/Accurals
Department/Department Tracking 75+ Standard Reports Advanced Labor Tracking
Position/Position Tracking Customized Support Points Tracking
Schedules In/Out Dashboard Rates
Overtime Task / Sub Task Tracking Schedule Restrictions
Rounding GEO Fencing / Tagging Shift Swap
Grace Licensed/Self Host Expense Tracking
Holidays Multi Company Events/Email/Text Alerts
Pay types/Payroll Export Multi Tenant Advanced Dashboard
Employees White Label Advanced Reports
Users Group/Division/Sub Company Reports Wizard
Time Card Edit and Approval Holiday Sets Ad-hoc Reports
Employee User Fields MORE (customizations)

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