Know Who’s Working When & Where with Time Clocks and Data Collection devices by Acumen

  • Streamline and seamlessly integrate employee time collection.
  • Collect time anywhere, through a web browser, from a mobile device, or a physical time clock.

Biometric time clocks

Acumen biometric time clock
Biometric time clocks are physical purpose built for time and
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ClockVIEW Mobile App

Acumen’s ClockVIEW mobile APP allows employee’s to use phones, tablets
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IVR Time Clock

IVR timeclocks
IVR Time Clocks use a telephone to dial a number
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Web-based PC Time Clocks

Web Clock
Web-based PC time clocks are general purpose built for using
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The Acumen hardware collection provides purpose built solutions for your industry, your employee. From time clocks to proximity readers to real-time mobile data collection devices. Clocks ranging from the latest in biometrics to swipe and proximity badges to PIN-based. Data collection devices including terminals, mobile apps for smart phones/tablets, web-based time clocks, and interactive voice response through the good, old telephone. Remember those?

Purpose built. Integrative. Singularly effective. Cloud or on-premise.