Job tracking on-time.

Your business is like a sports team—and the great teams of players start together, work together, and finish winning. Acumen ensures your job tracking team and shop floor processes are on-schedule and in perfect order to win.

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State Farm Insurance

I have been using Acumen’s time and attendance software for several years. The product was delivered, they helped us set it up, and we were trained as promised. I’ve had no complaints with the software, and the customer support has been quick and helpful.

Using the Acumen services has saved me a great deal of time and expense. I’ve recommended the system to a number of my friends and acquaintances, and I will continue to do so.

Kathy Northrop
State Farm Insurance Companies

Resource Partners, Inc.

As health technology consultants we are constantly reviewing solutions for our more than 25,000 clients. Acumen’s time and attendance software is an excellent product at a great price. Our clients use a range of their products and have found both product and service to be a tremendous value.
As a consultant it makes our job easier to recommend companies that support and value customer service. We will continue to recommend Acumen’s products and services to our clients as well as strategic partners.
Audrey Whetsell
Chief Operating Officer
Resource Partners, Inc.

Teamworks, Inc.

We have been very happy with our partnership with Acumen Data Systems. In our search to identify and select a time and attendance company to work with, we researched several groups throughout the country and found Acumen to offer the most complete package, combining outstanding out-of-the-box software functionality with superior customization options to meet each client’s unique needs.
We are not only a user of the Acumen solution, but also resale the package exclusively to our clients. We have found Ed and his team to offer the “high touch” customer service that is missing with many business services’ vendors today. Whether, inquiring about additional functionality details, customizing the software for specific client needs, or asking Acumen to expedite a client implementation, the Acumen team always responds professionally and with enthusiasm to complete the request.
Partnering with Acumen has brought greater value to the services that we provide to our clients and resulted in both time and direct cost savings across the board.
I am happy to recommend Acumen services to any company, large or small, in the need of an outstanding time and attendance system.

Tim Jenkins
Vice President
Teamworks, Inc.

Sevier School District

Sevier School District has been using Acumen’s time terminals for over five years and has found them to be very reliable and effective for the collection of time punches for our employees. When the terminals were installed, Acumen’s customer support was very helpful and knowledgeable. I have only had to call customer support on one or two occasions over the past five years and was very satisfied with the expedient help I received.
Using Acumen’s time terminals and GetaDATA software has been a success for our school district. I have recommended Acumen to other school districts and businesses and will continue to do so.

Gary Kyhl
Director – Human Resources
Sevier School District

ProSteel Security Products

As a client of Acumen Data Systems, Inc. for several years, we have been pleased with the prompt and timely service we always receive. Our contact, Eric Swols, is courteous and helpful. On the rare occasion we have trouble with the time clocks, Eric and his team are responsive and resolve the issues.

There is little worry regarding our time clocks and the web terminal eClock recording and reporting. The web terminal is hassle free and intuitive.

Thank you for the great service, support, and professionalism you continually give.


Christine Barker
Payroll Administrator
ProSteel Security Products

Seabreeze Amusement Park

For the past three years, Seabreeze Park has had 500 summer employees on Acumen’s hosted service. Acumen’s developers, working closely with our Tech Department and end users, have written a custom timekeeping application that runs on Windows Mobile handheld devices. This application is ideally suited to recording employee time in situations where the standard fixed location timeclock, or even a computer to punch in/out on, are not practical. Punches are entered directly by the supervisor, eliminating the need for verification of punches at the end of the day.
We use WebClock, eClockView, and the custom PDA application to perform wireless clock in/out transactions, log and monitor employee hours, and ultimately interface with our payroll package, Sage Abra.

The user interface is easy to use, which means minimal training time. The software has significantly reduced the amount of time our managers spend tracking employee hours, allowing them to focus on managing and improving customer service. Acumen performs routine updates and maintenance on their servers with little downtime. Furthermore, they continue to upgrade the software with new feature enhancements. Acumen has responded to our requests for changes – especially for features that will benefit their customer base.

Responsive customer service by phone and email keep us up to date, and provide a sense of security and trust in the products they sell. We are looking forward to exploring new uses for the timekeeping system (such as automatic scheduling), and our continued relationship with Acumen Data Systems.

George Norris
Vice President, Seabreeze Amusement Park

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