Manufacturing Automation Starts with Data Collection Software

Once the production scheduling process has been established, data collection points must be identified to achieve manufacturing automation. Acumen’s job tracking software is easily integrated with nearly any data collection device, including data collection terminals (employee time clocks), camera systems, scanners, handheld and mobile devices, computers, and more. In the manufacturing automation process, data collection devices are integrated to provide the data feedback required to advance the assembly in the production process or identify problems.

Work Orders & Travelers

Work orders and travelers can be printed to follow the assembly along the production process or paperless dispatch (electronic travelers) can be utilized to ensure the assembly is produced in the correct order with the appropriate parts.

For a company automating the order fulfillment process (like shipping orders), the traveler would stay with the box along endless conveyer belts. At defined locations, products are packed in the box along with appropriate packaging protection based on the information contained in the bar coded traveler. Other data collection methods such as proximity (RFID, UHF), camera systems, and machine data can be integrated into job tracking systems.

This is just one example of a job tracking system. JobVIEW can be used for any assembly process, from food production to aerospace, to achieve complete manufacturing automation.

Works in Progress

Works in Progress (WIP) can easily be viewed with Acumen’s job tracking software, and production routes can be reviewed or modified based on order requirements. Jobs can be scheduled ahead of time or run on-the-fly.

Machine Tracking

Machine tracking is another important aspect of manufacturing automation. Acumen’s job tracking software will immediately identify machines that are down and re-route production accordingly. In addition, our job tracking software will also display an error code to identify the reason for the problem.

The machine tracking capabilities of our job tracking software doesn’t stop there. Machine maintenance tracking can also be implemented to schedule and prepare for routine maintenance. Once maintenance schedules have been established, the job tracking system automatically accounts for the machine downtime to ensure there are no lapses in production.

Job Tracking Software: Reporting

Acumen’s job tracking software also provides historical information regarding production and machine performance. You’ll be able to identify areas for improvement and optimize production further through reporting. Downtime reports can be generated to analyze and optimize production. Learn more about the reporting capabilities of Acumen’s job tracking software.

Inventory Tracking

Inventory tracking with Acumen’s job tracking software enables you to review available raw material, parts, assemblies, inventory, scraps, and waste – providing essential information so production never misses a beat.

Acumen’s inventory tracking software allows you to reliably and cost-effectively take physical inventory counts without ever counting anything. Everything from location to expiration dates can be tracked with Acumen’s inventory tracking software. Automating inventory reconciliation, JobVIEW helps you save time, reduce costs, and identify restocking needs automatically.

Inventory Tracking Reporting

  • Inventory Count
  • Inventory Location
  • Raw Material Report
  • Waste & Scrap Reporting
  • Assembly Report
  • Material Needs Report

Job Tracking with Employee Time & Attendance

Acumen’s job tracking software synchronizes seamlessly with our employee time and attendance software to provide a complete manufacturing automation solution. Our time and attendance software is powerful, robust, and cost effective. Simplify employee time tracking and save.

Job Tracking with Employee Tasks

With any job tracking software, employee task and job tracking is a fundamental aspect of the system. Acumen’s employee task and job tracking allows you to create an unlimited number of job and task codes while providing real-time insight into your employees’ labor.

Job Tracking Software Employee Scheduling

You can’t schedule production processes effectively without scheduling your employees as well. Acumen’s job tracking software allows you to create, edit, and manage employees’ schedules and shifts quickly and easily. Implement schedule rotations, reduce labor costs via smart scheduling, and more with Acumen’s employee scheduling software.

Job Tracking Software: Reporting

With manufacturing automated, you can track production cells and assembly lines – and create reports to assess performance, troubleshoot production issues, and optimize processes. Allowing you to run production reports such as job time, operation time, and open jobs, Acumen’s job tracking software also provides immediate insight into all Works in Progress (WIP) – as well as historical jobs – keeping you on top of all manufacturing processes.

Job Tracking Reporting Examples

  • Job Tracking Reports
  • Standards Report
  • Standard Vs. Actual Report
  • Standard Vs. Actual Graph
  • Incentive Summary
  • Materials Report
  • Assembly Report
  • Part Template Report
  • Material Needs Report
  • Part Efficiency Report
  • Department Efficiency Report
  • Employee Efficiency Report
  • Machine Efficiency Report
  • Machine Center Report
  • Job Detail Report
  • Job Detail Report by Employee
  • Labor Discrepancy Report
  • Idle Time Report
  • Customized Reports

Reports are created in Active Reports and can be exported in Active Reports or Adobe Acrobat formats.