Timekeeping FAQ

How much do your time and attendance software and systems cost?

Acumen ensures every client receives the most cost effective solution for their specific needs. Acumen’s licensed software with one employee time clock can be as low as $1,000. Get the SaaS delivery model, and the up-front costs will be under $600 with a low monthly per-employee fee.

What company size is appropriate for Acumen’s solutions?

Any company from five to five million is ideal. Acumen’s clients range greatly – but they all enjoy the same great software, service, and support. Whether your company has a handful of employees or subsidiaries in a handful of continents, Acumen’s solutions can scale to meet your needs.

Are your solutions web-based or software I install on my machine?

You can deploy the majority of Acumen’s solutions using either delivery method. Large companies can save by deploying the licensed software on their own servers while smaller companies (or companies that prefer Acumen’s 99.9% uptime SLA) may benefit from the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery method. Learn more about licensed versus SaaS time and attendance solutions by reading this registration-free white paper.

What payroll systems does Acumen’s solutions interface with?

Acumen’s solutions integrate easily with nearly all payroll systems using ourGetDATA and PutDATA add-on modules. Learn more about the payroll integration process or view the complete list of payroll systems with which Acumen is interoperable.

What ERP systems does Acumen’s solutions interface with?

Acumen’s solutions integrate seamlessly with nearly all ERP systems using ourGetDATA and PutDATA add-on modules. Learn more and view the list of ERP systems with which Acumen’s solutions integrate.

Does Acumen’s employee time and attendance software feature timecards? What are the capabilities?

Yes. Acumen’s timecard software is robust and customizable to fit your company’s structure. Offering real-time functionality, Acumen’s timecards allow time breakdowns by REG, OT1, OT2, excused, and breaks. You can search for employees in several ways and view data by pay period. Check out the full feature list of Acumen’s employee time and attendance software.

With Acumen’s employee scheduling software, is schedule rotation an option?

Yes. With ShiftVIEW, Acumen’s employee scheduling software, you can quickly and easily implement schedule rotation. That way, you can have an employee work one schedule one week, and another schedule another week – and create a rotation – by default.

Are you able to edit an employee’s schedule by day?

Yes. With LaborVIEW, Acumen’s employee time and attendance software, you’re able to create customized schedules for every day worked if you’d like. Acumen’s flexible software allows you to customize nearly every feature!

Does LaborVIEW offer group scheduling?

Yes. Acumen’s robust employee time and attendance software allows you to create groups, departments, locations, and more – and create default schedules for each.

Can I manage time-off requests with Acumen’s employee time and attendance software?

Yes. Both Acumen’s employee time and attendance software and employee scheduling software feature leave management so management can easily manage time-off requests. You can even create a rule so that you receive an email anytime an employee requests a day off.

Can Acumen’s solutions manage more than one location or mobile workers?

Yes. You can manage as many locations and mobile workers as you’d like with Acumen’s workforce management software. Our solutions are interoperable with many mobile devices, tablet computers, smart phones, and regular old phones.

Accessories & Supplies

Acumen is your one-stop source for any workforce management, business automation, or employee time and attendance system accessory you may need.

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