Installation. Setup. Configuration.  Fast and Easy.

Whether you purchase an employee time and attendance, facility access control, or shop floor data collection system, Acumen’s expert technicians help make system installation, setup, and configuration fast and easy. We ensure by our time and attendance system implementation services the software and time clocks fit to your specific business hierarchy and processes. Our time and attendance implementation service is designed to deliver complete satisfaction.

Acumen offers complete implementation services, providing complete turnkey solutions or working with your staff at the level you prefer. Our implementation services are based on the original Functional Definition / Design Specifications established during the initial phases of the project.

Employee System Implementation Services

  • Define System Requirements
  • Company Hierarchy
  • Departments, Groups, Positions, etc.
  • Define All Administrators & Rights
  • Employee & Supervisor Security Profiles
  • Assign Employees to Appropriate Supervisor(s)
  • Types of Employees to be Tracked
  • Non-Exempt
  • Exempt
  • Types of Time to be Tracked
  • Straight Time
  • Double Time
  • Overtime Types
  • Bereavement
  • Jury Duty
  • Etcetera
  • Pay Rules
  • Pay Classes / Rates
  • Pay Calculation Rules
  • Shift Differentials
  • Define Pay Periods (Multiple Pay Periods?)
  • Benefit Accrual Rules
  • Time Off Management
  • Define Holidays
  • Holiday Rules
  • Vacation Rules
  • Sick Time Rules
  • Lunch Rules
  • Break Rules
  • Miscellaneous PTO Rules
  • Define Schedules
  • Schedule Configuration
  • Define Default Schedule
  • Define System Exceptions
  • Create Exception Types & Rules
  • Define Preferences for Alerts
  • Configure SMS or Email Alerts for Exceptions
  • Configure Outlook Integration (Optional)
  • Define Clocking Rules
  • Rounding
  • Grace Periods
  • Define Custom Rules or Labels
  • System Integration (Software Synchronization)
  • Payroll Integration
  • ERP Integration
  • Database Integration
  • Other System Integration
  • Define Hardware Requirements
  • Time Clock & Hardware Requirements
  • Hardware Types
  • Clocking Types (Proximity, Biometric, etc.)
  • Communications
  • Terminal Locations
  • Server / PC Operating System (for Licensed Systems Only)
  • Data Backup Plan (for Licensed Systems Only)
  • Initial Employee Database Import
  • Employee Number
  • Payroll ID
  • Demographic Info
  • Department Number
  • Assign Rules to Each Employee, Supervisor, & Administrator
  • Web-Based Clocking Setup (Optional)
  • Hardware Integration
  • System Testing
  • Software Configuration
  • Pay Rules
  • Software Interoperability (Payroll, ERP, etc.)
  • Hardware Testing (Network & Firewall Management)
  • Punch Testing (via Hardware and/or Web)
  • Pilot or Parallel Run with Focus Group (Optional)
  • Benefit Balance Import (at System Launch)
  • System Launch
  • Training (Administrators, Supervisors, Employees)
  • Personalized Training (Web / Phone)
  • Videos
  • Tutorial Documentation
  • Help File

Training Services for Workforce Management Software & Systems

Acumen ensures mastery of our software via training for your staff in the use and operation of employee time and attendance systems, as well as our other workforce management and business automation software and systems.

Acumen offers training programs for management, operations, and users. Typically, our customers opt for training following the “Train the Trainer” methodology.

The time and attendance system user training includes intimate supervisor training in the use of the employee time clock functions and software functionality.

Acumen offers in-person training for groups and individuals. Remote training is typically selected, however, allowing training to be conducted over the internet via web conference.

Our software also comes pre-loaded with an expansive Help section, and online tutorials are also available to aid our valued customers.

Training Services


  • How to Log In
  • How to Log In with Time Clocks / Biometrics
  • How to Change Password
  • How to Access Help
  • How to Log Out


  • System Configuration
  • Setup Benefit Rules
  • Define Holidays
  • Configure User Fields
  • Configure Web Clock
  • Define Default Employee Schedule
  • Configure Active Directory Synchronization
  • Define Minor Rules & School Days
  • Configure Security Policies
  • Configure Localization
  • Configure Event Manager
  • System Management
  • View Employees Clocked In
  • Post & Manage Messages
  • Manage Invalid Punches
  • Manage Timecard Data
  • Manage Project Time Data
  • Manage Time Off Requests
  • Create Reports
  • Approve Pay Period End
  • Create Employee Schedules (by Week / Pay Period)
  • Manage System Messages
  • Manage Email Templates
  • Manage Department Transfers


  • View Employees Clocked In
  • Review & Approve Employee Punches
  • Review & Approve Employee Breaks
  • Review & Approve Employee Excused Pay
  • Review & Approve Employee Time Off Requests
  • Manage Employee Schedules
  • Review Employee Benefit Time Accrual
  • Create Reports


  • Manage Homepage Setup
  • Punch In / Out
  • Review Punches
  • Add Project Time

System Support & Maintenance Services

Acumen offers several levels of maintenance and support services to fit our valued customers’ varied needs. From basic packages to complete, unlimited 24/7/365 support, Acumen ensures complete satisfaction for all maintenance and support calls.

Our Committment

Acumen Data Systems provides complete support to ensure uptime and complete satisfaction. We have invested in the latest tools and applications, enabling us to support you better, faster, and more accurately than any other service provider.

Acumen goes to great lengths to provide clients with the highest level of technical support services in the industry.

From Service Center repair for terminals and scanners to full 7-day-24-hour telephone support and On Site systems support, Acumens’ support services offer the options to meet your business objectives.

  • Microsoft Certified Professionals
  • Highly trained and motivated individuals
  • Manned support hours 8:30 to 5:30 EST
    24-hour support available (Technicians are paged during off-hours)
  • 24-hour connectivity support for Acumen in-house hosted solutions
  • Remote Assistance through web-enabled remote access software
  • On-site and Acumen in-house training available
  • Delivery and implementation services available

Acumen has specialists in bar code data collection, a full array of scanning abilities, application-specific fixed and hand-held computers, wireless networks, and a full array of software programs like ViewSUITE available at all times for our valued customers.

All technical support staff are located within the United States. Immediate support is available during business hours. All support tickets are tracked within our computer system. If any issue is not resolved immediately by our technical staff, it is escalated to our engineering team.